Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The test was long, and it was involved. I feel like I did okay, actually. (No word bank.) Then I listened to everyone else talking about how hard the test was, and got a little nervous. Maybe I didn't do as well as I thought. A lot of people blew out of there pretty quickly. I did not. I spent an hour and a half on it, double checking myself to make sure that I did not make any stupid mistakes, making sure that I answered all the questions. Will it pay off? At this point, I really could not tell you. I honestly do not know how I did on the test, and that generally is not a good sign. I left that class room with one hour to kill before hte next class. I am also ashamed to say that I went to the cafeteria to grab coffee, and succumbed entirely to temptation. I comforted myself with french fries fresh from the deep fryer. I felt so guilty eating them that there was no real pleasure in them, but my frugality would not permit me to throw them in the trash. *sigh* Am I not the biggest mess you know?

I was thinking that I had to get at least a B in this course to remain in the OT program. Since I have (knock wood) an 82 or something close to it, at this point, I was scared sick. One really bad test score could have taken me below that B, easily. I found out today that I only have to get a C. That is a huge relief. I have a bit of safety padding between me and repeating the course.

15 more days and I can read my brand new book.


WhiteStone said...

With all this daily anticipation, I hope that brand new book is a good one. It would be bad if it turned out to be a big disappointment.
*giggle in the background*

Paula said...

Hey fingers crossed. I disagree with you on the "good feeling" thing. I had a friend who did a course with me and she had a "good feeling" on one of our assignments and I didn't ... and I scored better than her!

And ... if you are going to eat chips then ruddy enjoy them!!


Anonymous said...

I think it must be so hard to do a course at the intensity expected without a good long 'elementary' lead up course so that terms and processes slot in more easily. I am totally amazed at how well you are doing Deb. You are nearly through - hang in there. I am sure you will make it. In your study 'vacation' read your new book - of course! In fact if it was me I would be panting to get home and fall on it. But take time to revise and check on what was not clear and you will probably find it falls into place much better after that when you are more mentally relaxed.

Keep up the good work - you are doing amazingly. Barb x

Kelly said...

Ah...I didn't realize you had to make specific grades in specific classes to stay in your program. Lots of times it's just an overall gradepoint. Glad to know it's a C rather than a B.

I still think you're gonna do fine as far as passing.