Monday, May 10, 2010


Dylan has ordered his first new vehicle. He is very excited. "I didn't know that haggling could be so much fun!" Seems that he got a number of dealerships involved, each one insisting that they could give him the best deal. "Now all of 'em hate me," he said, unperturbed. Well. Now the fun part is over. The red Jeep Wrangler has been ordered and will be in at the end of the month. The window sticker will list all the options, just like usual, but it will also read "Made for Dylan Powers". He's pretty excited about that, too, with plans to display it. But he must wait. He called last night. "It's going to be a looooooooong month," he complained. "Suffering is good for the soul," I said. "No. I'm pretty sure that it is not," said Dylan. "Yep. You're going to survive this," I said. "Surprisingly, Dylans are not all that patient, turns out," he said. "I noticed that some time ago," I said. "Maybe this experience will help." So somewhere in Allentown, a young man waits. Not all that patiently, turns out. I expect that I will get a number of grumbly sort of phone calls. Since he's not all that regular about staying in touch, I'll take 'em.

Mike popped in to drop off a card. We missed him. He was on his way to work. We were on our way back home from church, but we saw him Friday night. He got a nice turkey, a big one. He was getting his pictures developed, so we were able to admire the fine bird right away.

Brianna and Buddy seem to be doing okay in Indianapolis. They had a quiet day. They've discovered a Thai restaurant. They seem to be enjoying life where they are at, and I am glad to hear that in her voice when she calls. I pray for them every single day.

Cara drove home with another carload of stuff. She stopped into the store, briefly to give me a hug and to talk with her friends Colby and Alyssa, and then she was off again, too. I'd have thought she was a figment of my imagination except that she brought home a box of dirty dishes from her dorm room and left them by the sink. (Thanks for that, Cara.) She will be home tonight, for the rest of May, and then she heads back out. She's working in 'Upward Bound'.

It's strange being the mother of grown ups. Makes for sort of a 'virtual' Mother's Day. But it does my heart good to see them all active and pursuing their own lives, making their own choices. I'm a lucky mother.

Today is the first day of finals week. Last final will be next Monday. If you don't hear much from me, well, you'll know what's up.

*takes deep breath and dives in*


The Factory said...

And how are you ? Well ?

Kelly said...

Extra thoughts and prayers for you this week!!!

Ph.D. diet said...

Happy Mother's Day and all the best for the finals.. :)

BB said...

How lovely... dirty dishes, Cara? Dear me. Mr Incredible used to save up his dirty laundry and take it home (a six hour drive!) to his mother. He claimed she loved doing it for him - and he said it with a perfectly straight face. I still argue that she would have preferred the time relaxing and talking with him. Heh.

Good luck with the exams... you'll do great.


Ro said...

Good luck, I know you'll blitz 'em ;)

Debby said...

Mr I and Cara must be related. Cara says things like "I left laundry for will be just like old times" or "I know how much you miss cleaning up after me". She also says this stuff with a perfectly straight face. She may even believe it.

Hal Johnson said...

Glad to hear Tim is working again, and good luck on the finals!

Mary O. Paddock said...

Good luck on your finals, though I'm sure you don't need it.

I wouldn't mind 'em bringing the laundry home--it's the expecting me to do something about it part that would be trouble.

quid said...

Good luck on your finals, Debby!

Bob said...

I used to send laundry home to my mother with friends on the weekends when I wasn't going home. Yes. It's true. She didn't enjoy it?!

Good luck this week.

Good to see Hal's comment here; haven't heard from him in a while.

Cara said...

whoa, whoa. I believe I brought home flowers, chocolate AND the dirty dishes. I did the good daughter thing too!