Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Fetal Pig!

Today was the first day of Anatomy and Physiology. I have class from 8:45 to 1 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It looks like this course is going to proceed at breakneck speed. We have our first exam Wednesday. We begin dissection on Wednesday as well. (We will be dissecting a fetal pig, a rat, and a heart). During the lecture portion, I scribbled furiously, but was shocked to find that I could not keep up.

It's interesting, the people that you meet. One woman is there because she's found herself, shockingly, divorced at age fifty. She wants to be self sufficient. On the other side of the table are two young girls who spent most of the lab chatting about one girl's upcoming nuptials. At the end of our table are three women who have already failed the course once. I was surprised at their blase attitude. One said she was only 1.35 points off from passing. The other said she had a 69. "They don't cut you any slack," two of the women complained. The Chinese girl at the end of the table speaks halting English, which may have accounted for failing the course. A couple middle aged guys at the next table were nursing students, back in school after a long stint with unemployment. I should have sat at that table, I think. In fact, a woman at that table struck up a conversation with me after class. They are there to kick A and P's butt, and so am I.

Despite my determination, I walked to the car feeling a little sick inside, and I drove home scared witless. Before I got all the way home, I'd made up my mind. Failure is not an option. It simply isn't. We cannot afford to pay for this class twice. I'll be working pretty hard here. Posting might get a little irregular. Bear with me.


Karen said...

A and P will be a bit grueling, and lots and lots to memorize, but you can do it. Just keep up with the material, and I'll bet you'll ace this class, too!

WhiteStone said...

A&P. Cinch. Just remember, "the knee bone's connected to the thigh bone, etc., etc." Add a little dance during recitation and you'll be the prof's favorite. It's a cinch, I tell ya, a cinch!

Kelly said...

I bet you'll find it very interesting and that can make all the difference in the world. I have complete confidence in you, Debby. Study hard, enjoy it, and do well!

Mrs.Spit said...

A and P is fundamentally experience and memorization. You'll be fine.

Chez said...

Debby, I am smiling at your observations of the class participants. You have summed them up perfectly.I feel confident that you will do exactly that with A and P.
Good luck..

Lydia said...

Take no prisoners, Debby. :}

BUSH BABE said...

You'll do fine... pig guts and all.

WhiteStone said...

And.....I think we should have a photo essay here of the piggy disection. Ah, for the good old days of high school biology when we dissected a nightcrawler. A necessary event for any future skilled surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, and that's just the beginning of dissection! And I suppose they cut no slack 'cos they don't want the needle in the vein, not the artery.

But you'll enjoy it and wonder how people get by managing their bodies and not knowing how it works. Lots of learning and time, but very absorbing. The more you'll learn, the more things will fall into place and make sense.

Yes and also, get with the serious students for this one. The others will only annoy you. I just know you will enjoy the challenge Deb and do so well. Congratulations on your last exam results - wonderful to see.

Love Barb