Wednesday, May 26, 2010

*cough* *splutter* *gasp*

We dissected rats today. Went better then I'd feared. Simply gotta do what ya gotta do. So, Ellen and I took our rat all apart. One group had a rat with a tumor on its liver (and livers are huh-yuuuuuge, which I never realized, or maybe forgot). Our rat was okay, except for the whole being dead and preserved thing. It was fairly straight forward (and no, I did not get pictures...). Then it was on to lecture, which was a dance through chemistry. No slow dancing neither. No sirree. My brain felt like these people moved.

Ionization and cations and anions and solutions and colloids and mixtures and emulsions, the periodic table, and much, much more. The three folks behind me just finished with chemistry last semester. They got into a spirited debate about the London dispersion or some such thing, debating with the teacher who was contradicting (in their mind) what they'd previously learned. Two things: I felt lucky that I'd taken chemistry 38 years ago and had no conflicting information to argue with what I was trying to stuff into my poor brain at the moment. I also felt an overwhelming urge to stick my fingers in my ears and begin to chant 'Lalalalalalalalalalala....' as fast and as loud as I could, because the last thing I needed was to try to follow a conversation that used words that I did not absolutely need to know. But, I was mature. I did not do that.

We don't have class this Monday, due to the Memorial Day weekend. I'm kind of okay with that, but we found out today that we are expected to make that day up on Friday. Again, okay with that, but letting us know this information ahead of time would have made my availability for the work schedule just a little different. Gaaaaah!

So I'm overwhelmed and I'm worried (good news, I think that I did well on my test.) We're being tested on six chapters on Wednesday. Practical on Tuesday. It's crazy busy.

Thanks, Kelly, for your call. I was just about to sit down with my books. You provided a bright spot in my day, and I thank you for that! Your southern accent was just a refreshing as a glass of iced tea. (Side note: I do not drink my iced tea southern style. Double lemon, no sugar for me please). Well. I'm babbling. Time for me to hit the books.



Kelly said...

I enjoyed our visit, too. We'll have to talk again sometime.

And for the record, if my tea is iced I like it the same way you do. Hot tea is a different story. Milk and sugar for that.

jeanie said...

Soy and honey is the best way for tea...

I am amazed at the pace you are learning this all. Well done.

WhiteStone said...

Whatta dance! Oh, My!