Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bear Facts

Yesterday was a busy day. We worked on an apartment. I painted. I scrubbed out kitchen cupboards, I mowed the lawn. We broke for lunch and went to Wendy's. Kathy was sitting by herself at a table, so we unceremoniously joined her, and talked and talked while I ate my side salad and drank my large ice tea (unsweetened, with double lemon). I was finishing up when I saw Lindy walking by the window, so I ran out the door and jogged to catch up. We visited while we walked, and then we went our separate ways. I walked the six blocks back to the apartment, while she headed back to work. When we were done there, we headed home where more mowing awaited. I was just about done when the belt broke. That perturbed me, because I love a mowed lawn. Mary gave me five dogwoods to plant, so I puttered around doing that. Tim clipped hedges. Tim received a surprise call from the company he was laid off from (the one before the last one). He has a drug test on Monday morning. We never expected that he'd get called back from there, so that was a bit of excitement. He also decided that we should grab a sub from Subway for supper. We called our buddy Mark to see if he wanted to join us. He'd hit a major milestone in his life back in February, and we'd been trying to treat him since then. I told him it was nice that he simply agreed to come along. We didn't have to hit him over the head and kidnap him after all. We blabbed about this and that. We ran into the Chases who greeted us with hugs. We admired the Yeagle's new car. Just a pleasant evening, warm and summery.

We went to bed early last night. I was tired, having tossed and turned the night before, not falling asleep until well after midnight, up well before five. Last night, I went to bed and I fell soundly asleep, the breeze warm and comforting from the open windows, and the big windchimes on the back deck sounded like far off church bells. At one point, Tim leapt from the bed. I heard him muttering something. The neighbor's dog was going nuts out back. I was honestly so deeply asleep that those things sort of registered, and I fell soundly back asleep even as the racket from the backyard continued unabated. It was our first bear of the season. He snagged a bag of garbage from the trash can, and carried off to a tree where he tried to ignore the dog's apoplectic barking fit. Tim watched him from the back deck. The bear eventually ambled off, looking to dine at a place that offered better ambience. Tim collected our garbage before the dog hauled it off to yet another location. He eventually came back to bed. I woke up just enough to hear him talking about the bear. I fell soundly back asleep. I woke up to hear the dog carrying on yet again, but the bear was evidently not there for dinner this time, and the garbage stayed put. I fell back asleep.

Ah. Wednesday, it was snowing here. (I was whining.) Friday it was hot and beautiful. The bears were out. This is how the season changes in the woods.


Anonymous said...

I love a fresh mowed yard and the nice clean smell. You must live in a small town, since you always run into friends when out and about. I live in a small farming area and love the friendlyness of it.

Debby said...

Yes. We do live near a small town. Whichever way you fall off the hill, you are in one of those small towns. I forget how small the town is sometimes. I was at the Walmart the other day, and picked up a prescription for Tim. Mine were not supposed to be ready until Sunday. The druggist said, "Her prescriptions are right here." It made me laugh to think that we live in a small enough town where that can happen. And when we are tired of small towns, we come back up to the woods.

Jayne said...

That sounds like a lovely community to live in, Debby, bears having rubbish midnight snacks or not :P