Saturday, May 29, 2010


I had a very productive day yesterday. I got five pages worth of A and P homework done. I've got to tell you that made me feel great. I worked for three hours straight getting it done. What a sense of accomplishment. I love to study. I do. I love the confidence I feel when I feel like I've 'got it'. It was a big homework assignment, and getting it knocked out of the way was such a huge relief. It kind of tickles me in a way. I've got so many things to do for that class. The lab practical on Tuesday. A quiz for lecture on Tuesday, and then Wednesday a huge test, chapters 1 through 6. (Remember that class just started Monday. We will be tested on those six chapters after just five lecture days!) Just a few days ago, I was looking at this workload, and I was very, very afraid. I didn't see how I could even accomplish this much work. Just a few days later, I'm tackling this stuff, knocking the work out one step at a time. The fear is gone. I'll be very glad when this class is over, because it is a LOT of work, but I'm doing it. I'm getting it all done. Sometimes, I amaze myself.


BUSH BABE said...

Well... you amaze ME. I'm tired just reading about it!

WhiteStone said...

You Go, Girl! Sitting here cheering you on!

Kelly said...

Is this the only class you'll take this summer? Some colleges have two summer sessions, others just one.

Will you have a decent break before having to jump into the fall semester?

Rhubarb Whine said...

How do you fit it all in? YOu realy are incredible!

Debby said...

There are two summer sessions. I wanted to take A and P II during the second session, but unfortunately, it was not offered. I'm taking the second half of summer off, and I need it. I reeeeeeallly, really need it. I'm getting burned out between work and school.

On that bright note, off to bed. I have to work tomorrow, beginning at 6.