Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Saturday.

I worked today, and it was a fun day. Busy. Tim was waiting for me when I got off. He found a pair of lamps in an antique shop that he wanted me to take a look at. I went along with him. We really don't need lamps. They were ceramic with gilt and burgundy and had who appeared to be Martha Washington on them. "What do you think?" he asked. "I think," I said carefully, "that I'm really, reeeeeeeally glad that you asked my opinion before buying them."

And then we stopped into a local place of business that shall remain nameless. The woman asked me if I knew where she could borrow a live trap. "A smaller one than this," she said indicating a trap that really could have held an entire family of skunks. "Good grief," I said. "What are you trying to catch?" And she frantically shushed me and whispered, "A baby bunny." Dead silence. We were standing on the second floor of a business. "Um. How did a baby bunny end up here?" And I can't relate the story, but it is really hilarious, and the idea of a baby bunny being loose here makes me laugh everytime that I think of it. Really. M? I love you dearly. I feel like I'm involved in a top secret mission here. This is great!

When we got home, we had received a call. We were treated to a night out. We saw a band called Seven Bridges Band. There is something about being at a concert where you can sing along with virtually every song. You can't help but walk out of there into the night with a reminiscing sort of smile on your face. Thank you, Kathy and Art.

Actually, The Seven Bridges Road is my favorite Eagles song. I leave you with a video for comparison purposes. The band did a good job.


Scotty said...

Oooh, that's a great song, Debby; the Eagles have been a favourite band of mine for years.

Have you heard I Dreamed There Was No War (instrumental) and Frail Grasp from their latest Out Of Eden album?

PS - thanks for the video clip - have heard the song but not seen that - loved it.

Kelly said...

Keep us posted on the baby bunny issue. I would think where there's one, there might be more....

quid said...

I loved this song for ages. There are songs reminiscent of this sound on "Long Road Out Of Eden"... I liked the two that Scotty chose to tell you about, but I preferred "Waiting in the Weeds". What a great YouTube video for "Seven Bridges Road"!!!

Jayne said...

Lovely to hear you were treated to a night out :)
You have to share the baby bunny story with us now! lol