Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whole Lot of Shrieking Going On.

You know, sometimes, I just try to pack way too much stuff into way too little time. Worked last night. Came home. Got up, went to work this morning.

After eight hours there, I headed out to get my hair cut. I'm not a fan of the tufty hair. You know, the kind that kind of sticks up all over. I mean it looks cute on other people. I thought I was clear. I was explaining carefully to the girl that this was for my daughter's wedding, and I wanted to look good. She talked about spikes, I smiled sweetly and said, "No. Debbys don't do spikes." Meanwhile, the woman in the chair next to mine recognized me from the paper and we got to blabbing. (You may not have noticed. I'm a blabber.) Anyways, long story short. I hate my hair. Hate it. No sense crying over cut hair, but, oh gosh, why NOW?!!! WHY?!!!!!! (SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!)

*Deep cleansing breaths*

Okay. I'm okay now. It'll be okay. It has a week to grow, and I have a week to goof with it.

I also bought my dress. Needs one small alteration.

Good grief.

I need a nap. Let me go cry myself to sleep.

What an exhausting day.

Late Edit: Just realized NOW I have to find some matching shoes.


Sorry. Can't talk now. Am seeking corner to crawl to. Plan to close eyes, curl into a fetal position, and frantically suck my thumb for a while.


quid said...

This is why I want mine to elope. Good thoughts traveling over the miles directly to your hair. This will make it grow to fabulous by wedding time.


Kelly said...

It'll be okay. (((hugs)))

Jayne said...

You have options - wear a hat or a fascinator.
Shoes - if difficult to match the colour go for contrasting colour.
Or colour to match your hat/fascinator.
It'll work out ok, really!

WhiteStone said...

I've had only one hairdresser whom I truly trusted with my hair. And she lives 1800 miles due west of our home. She was a gem!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I'd rather get a root canal than a haircut. If it makes you feel any better, I just got my hair cut last week, and it looks like Edward Scissorhands lesser known twin brothers Bob Blenderhands and Wesley Weedwackerhands cut it.

A floppy hat? Big earrings? Bigger cocktails?

It will grow back, this too shall pass, it's only hair...repeat as necessary.

BUSH BABE said...

I get hair cuts once a year... then I just pull it back into a ponytail anyway. I wonder if a ponytail at 70 is acceptable?

Can you style it differently at all? I am a bit hopeless in the hair dept sorry... what about your funky shoes from this post:

Will they not go? Do what Jayne said and get some funky feathers or something to go with these mules?


Debby said...

NW - LOL! Jayne? BB? I'll let you know about a fascinator, after I figure out what one is. Nope. Lots of shoes, but nothing to go with a ivory lace dress. Unless just a pair of plain black pumps? Would plain black pumps work?

I'll figure something out. I'm just kind of falling apart right at the moment. My friend offered me a dress to borrow, w/ matching shoes. I'll give that a try tomorrow. Oh, and after a session with my hair, it can smooth down. She just styled it tufty and 'chunky' (dear heavens, I have never heard that word applied to hair. I'm breathing again, and I went to bed early last night and slept like the dead. It'll okay. It'll be okay. It's not my day. It's not about me. Just for a minute, I lost focus of that.

Oh, and NW? Definately, definately a big glass of wine would make the situation much easier to bear. Thanks for the suggestion! You're the best!

WhiteStone, I thought of you, walking out of the stylist's. I felt ashamed to be ready to cry about my hair, when just a few months ago, I'd have been pleased to have any at all.

Quid: Pray harder woman!

Kelly, thanks.

Bob said...

Any man married to a woman who has had a bad hair day knows what you're talking about. Hey, while everyone's praying for you, I'm praying for Tim . . . . ;-)

Jayne said...

Google images have the best array of fascinators to give you an idea ;)
Plain black pumps might work with the ivory dress but you'd need to team it with a black handbag or something which doesn't (traditionally) go quite well at weddings (unless they're progressive and don't care about colours?).

Debby said...

A purse? Dear heavens. I hadn't even thought of a purse. I usually carry a back packwith all my necessaries in that. I don't even have a dressy sort of purse. ARRRRRGH! Where's the wine? I need wine.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I have to get a haircut in the next day or two before I leave Wednesday for Nantucket, so maybe I will be unhappy, too.

I kind of bet, though, that you, all slender with a new haircut, look much better than you think you do.

Bob said...

Debby . . . I know you're laid back but please, don't carry a backpack to your daughter's wedding. Unless, of course, it matches.

Debby said...

No. I wouldn't think of it, Bob. Gees. I got class, Mister. It's just that my dress has no pockets for my little wallet thingy that I carry when I'm not carrying my backpack....


But all joking aside, there sure is a lot to think about when you get all dressed up. It's not like throwing on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt and heading out the door. Note to self: Buy pantyhose. And a purse. And ivory colored shoes.

Thank goodness for second hand stores.

Brianna said...

I'm sure it'll be fine Mom... didn't you always used to tell me we are our own worst critics? : )
BTW, black shoes will work just fine, and I have a simple black purse you can carry... I'll hunt it up tomorrow, if you still need it!