Wednesday, March 3, 2010


1. Breathing through one's nose is a vastly underrated thing. Jees. I cannot wait until I can do this trick again.

2. Over at Stevie's blog, someone asked 'Where is the sun?' There is an interesting question. I don't have it. Who's hogging the sun out there?

3. Monday, walking into the hospital, feeling completely run down, I saw spring flowers pushing their way through the snow. Tulips, I believe. There was a longing for spring that was truly almost visceral. I need sun and green and flowers and warmth. NEEEEEEEED it, I tell you.

4. That's all. I've got to get studying.


WhiteStone said...

The sun is in Iowa. And we're keeping it. For the next ten forecast days. We're selfish that way. heh-heh

Mrs.Spit said...

It has been a particularly grey winter here, but I can see the sun out my window. There won't be tulips for another 6 weeks though.

steviewren said...

I think everyone would feel better if the sun would shine for a solid week. Birds would sing. Flowers would bloom. Trees would bud. Children would be able to play outside. Women could hang their sheets on clotheslines to dry and families would go to sleep to the smell of the sun. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place?

Spring, where are you?

Reb said...

WE have the sun! I live in southern AZ and it's going to be 74 and sunny today :) The best part? The VERY best part? We have had a lot of rain this winter, so our wildflowers and cactus will be bloom'n fools this spring and summer. Life is good....and someone please remind me of that in August, when we've had 100 days of triple digit temps and I'm ready to move to Alaska.

Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer said...

We miss the sun too and are hoping for sun on May 16th!!!

Chez said...

Deb, Spring is always a time of renewal for me and I cannot imagine how I would survive the winters you experience.
We have sunshine almost all year. Thankfully!
Do hope you are feeling very much improved my friend.

Mikey said...

I second what Reb said. It's coming your way, I promise!

Kelly said...

Yeah, that nose-breathing thing. You don't realize how much you love it until you can't do it!!

We've got some very welcome sun in south Arkansas today.

Hope that cold leaves you soon!

Anonymous said...

We had sunshine today, Debby! It felt soooo good!

BUSH BABE said...

We usually have WAY too much sun over here in Oz... not this week though. And (sorry) but we are revelling in the non-sunshine for all we are worth!!

(How's that cow soapie shaping up over there?_

Jayne said...

Just been soaking up the summerish-in-autumn sun, I'll share with you, though ;)

Bill of Wasilla said...

I hope you get that sun, too, so that you feel more like running than run down.

I'm pretty run down, too.