Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I took donuts in to one of my classes, and we sat there companionably eating and blabbing away, contentedly. "Aw, that's so nice. Why are you so nice to us?" they asked. We're all so different there. All ages. There's people my age in the class. Young Puerto Rican mothers with young babies. African Americans. A young man from Africa. City people. Country people. All kinds of upbringing. I have to say, I love that class. I love the easy way that everyone talks to one another, jokes and laughs, one comment leading to another, and then to another. That's really one of my favorite classes. I have 100% in it, so far. So we all were laughing and visiting while the teacher talked about procrastination. She said that her son was the perfect illustration of a procrastinator. "Nick," his parents say. "Time to do your homework." And Nick says, "In a minute. Just let me finish this part of the computer game." And they come back later and say, "Now, Nick," and reluctantly, Nick heads off to the kitchen table. He sits in front of his books, squirming and twisting in his chair, and then he heads for the refrigerator for something to drink. He comes back to the table and fidgets a while longer, and then gets up for a snack. So the teacher, who is really a very nice person, is relating this story. A huge hulking black youth raises his hand and says earnestly, "Now, Miss, I don't mean no disrespect, but there's your problem right there...my mama, she tell me once. Then she say, 'Where did I put that belt?' Another huge fellow chimes in with, "Your mama used a belt? Shoot. Mine just knock me out my chair." And they got all wide eyed, and began ducking, waving their hands wildly, dodging the memories of their mad mamas. The whole class nearly fell on the floor with laughter.

I think that I did really well on this morning's psych test, too. I also kept my mouth shut during class.

I had an appointment with my advisor. I'm set up for Anatomy and Physiology I this summer. It is a killer class, three half days, and another couple hours on Thursday. It will be good to get it out of the way when it is the only class I have, when I have no other studying to take my time away from it. I plan to take Anatomy and Physiology II next summer. My advisor commented that I was really quite a planner, and that I was taking a very sensible approach to everything. I also found out that I should know for sure whether I am accepted into the Occupational Therapy program, officially in early June after this semester's grades are 'official'. We also set up my courses for the Fall 2010 semester. Fall seems so far away!

This is a tumultuous time. I have given notice at the nursing home. I feel badly about that job, because I love the residents. I also adore the people that I work with. But the fact is, the job was kicking my butt. The fact is, I was not keeping up. The fact is, everyone in the kitchen cheerfully pitched in to help me, but it made me ashamed. They all had their jobs to do. They surely don't need to do mine as well. It was a hard decision, but I think that I made the honorable decision. I think that I made the one that was right for the team. The new job is at a gas station/convenience store. The manager is very nice, and will work around my schedule at school. It's busy there, but I can do the job. Brianna and Buddy will get married on the 27th. I'm busy with that. I'll have a full house. Cara's bringing Ian home for that weekend. Ian, the librarian. I told Tim that I think that something is different about this relationship. Appointments. Trying to keep up with everything, dancing as fast as I can, feeling guilty about all of the things that I don't have time for. You know, my sister is in nursing school. She's got her LPN, and is now doing the RN. She said she felt guilty about the same sorts of things, about leaving her husband on his own so much. Her husband is very wise though. His response is simply, "It's just a season. That's all. It will pass." He's right, you know. This is the season of being busy. I've got a lot going on. Next week, a wedding. But after that, 12 days of spring break, and then I'm on the downhill side of it all. This season is changing, and a new season is coming. Yet another season is waiting in the wings. But right now, this is my season of being busy. This too will pass.


Chez said...

Debby, it seems to me in the short time I have been following your blog that you make wise decisions.
I feel confident that throughout this season of being busy you will find the time to smell the roses.
My late Mum always reminded me that 'this too shall pass'
In the meantime enjoy where you are at....

BUSH BABE said...

The busy-ness is productive. Stimulating (to the mind and to the wallet). Forward-moving. And your busy-ness seems (to me) to reflect your need to LIVE your life well. Hope you have time to stop and enjoy the view sometimes - cause that outlook has changed pretty dramatically since this time last year!

Debby said...

Oh, BB. You are right, and I am grateful for all the changes in my life. But what I feel badly about is that I don't have time to give any project the attention that I would like to give it. I feel like everything is being done slap dash.

Karen said...

Debby, you sound like a very organized person. Organization is the key, along with giving yourself some slack at times! You'll get through this 'tumultuous time.'

I find that the busier I am, the more I get done. Hope it works for you, too!

jeanie said...

Deb - you know the saying, life is what happens when you are busy making plans - I think you have the balance of catching it and processing a little ahead - a skill many admire.

One of the things I learned when 'Salina was getting to be a very whingy and testing my tether type of daughter - say it ONCE. Never brought out the strap but as I am a ditherer and one who has been undone often by the "just a minute" type of procrastination, I hope to get her on the high road as soon as possible.