Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been dragging for a while. I worked Saturday and Sunday. Bad snow storm, but I made it to work anyway.

I'm sick, chest cold is finally breaking up. I have a fever and can't breathe. My head aches.

I've been stressing about my essays. I got one written on motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia (due tomorrow) and I even managed to get that stinking 'Guess who's coming to dinner?' essay done. Jesus came, by the way. Thanks to all who suggested Him. Ala Rev 3:20, he showed up at my door and we had bruschetta, because I didn't know he was coming. Five pages later, He headed out. He forgot something though. Peace. He left it behind, and it was everywhere. I think the essay turned out great, way better than I expected. I'm quite proud of it, actually.

I went to math class. I aced my math test. Aced it. I cannot believe it. 50 out of 50 points.

And I noticed today that my pants are pretty baggy in the butt and legs.

Must go to bed. Now. Well. First I need to check Paula's blog. She's had news. Then I'm going right to bed.

Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are...


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better when you awaken in the morning. There must be something going around. Your ailments sound like ones that others have too.

Congrats on the math test!

Kelly said...

Yay on all the good news (the 'guess who's coming to dinner' paper sounds great), but sorry you have fever and don't feel good.

Hope you get a good night's rest!

quid said...

Hope you feel better!

I had no idea Jesus liked bruschetta. I like it, but I thought he was more into middle eastern food.

I love the 50/50 on the math test. Keep on GOIN', DEB!!!


Anonymous said...

I, too hope you're feeling better. And congratulate you on the essay and the maths test.

BB said...

Are you looking after yourself? If I have to pick up that wooden spoon and come over there....

Oh, and well done, and itching to see the psych paper.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the math test and the baggy pants! Hope you are feeling refreshed. God bless,


Debby said...

Well, you see, Quid, no one knows when He's coming, so He simply got what I had on hand. And I love bruschetta, generally have a bowl in the fridge.

steviewren said...

When you feel better you'll be jumping up and down about this week. Congrats about everything except the cold.