Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Post About Nothing

Yesterday, I headed up to Sugar Grove to borrow a dress from Mary, the navy blue one that she wore to her son Luke's wedding. It fit, and so that problem is solved, although I found a yellow dress in my own closet that I had purchased sometime back because it was on sale, and it was nice. Now I'm torn. (Torn, I tell you!) But the thing that shames me still is that it never occurred to me that the ivory dress might be inappropriate. It just never even entered my mind. I went there with one thought: to find a dress that complemented Nancy's, and singlemindedly thought no farther than that. *sigh* I'm so glad somebody said something or I would have been embarrassed for the rest of my life every time that I saw a wedding picture.

Enough about weddings, for the moment, anyway.

Coming home, traveling through Priest Hollow and up over Cole Hill, a redwing blackbird flew across the road in front of me. Another sign of spring. Yet another sign of spring, and I was glad. The grackles returned, and then the robins, and now the redwing blackbirds.

Last night, walking across the parking lot to my car after math class, I heard...peepers. Spring peepers (be sure to play the sound). I stopped dead in my tracks. "Listen!" I said to Angel. In unison, we both said, "Peepers!" and in the dark, we both sighed in contentment. Do you have spring peepers where you live? I cannot imagine spring without the sound of them.

When Tim and I went to bed last night, we talked for a while in the dark. It's a rough time here. Lots of uncertainty. He hasn't found a job. I've only got a part time one. We take turns reassuring each other that everything is going to work out okay. Last week, I was reassuring him. Last night, he was reassuring me. I wonder sometimes how people survive these times when they don't have someone to turn to when their own courage fails them. Anyways, a flash from the window caught my eye. Last night, we watched the lightning in the night. I fell asleep before I ever heard thunder, but it was the first lightning I've seen this year. Yet another sign that the season is changing.

I welcome the change!


Anonymous said...

I didn't see any lightning or hear any thunder. You are the second person who mentioned thunder and lightning in our area, and I missed it!

My suggestion for what to wear to your daughter's wedding, between the blue dress and the yellow one in your closet, is to wear whichever dress feels most comfortable. You are going to be wearing it for a long time!

What type of work is Tim looking for?

Karen said...

Yes, we have peepers, too! They always make me smile! Spring is here!

A Novel Woman said...

We do have peepers up at our cottage, but the real sound of spring for me is the return of the Canada geese, honking overhead as they fly home.

I'm glad your dress dilemma worked out! Either the navy or yellow sounds perfect. Now you can relax, right?

Kelly said...

I like Linda's suggestion... go with the one that is most comfortable.

I listened to the peepers and I'm not sure, but they may be the same thing I always call "tree frogs". It's usually a good indication it will rain when I hear the tree frogs calling for it. Heard them just last week, in fact.

Lifting up some extra prayers for y'all.

WhiteStone said...

Sometimes I drive home at night from the City down the "old" highway where the road ditch often holds water. I love to open the windows and let in the sounds of the peepers as I drive home. Sweet sound.

Jayne said...

We're heading into Autumn here but the blackbirds and wattle birds are still chirping merrily away ;)

Lori said...

We have peepers here, but it's a little early for them right now.