Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Weigh In

In keeping with my habit of posting losses in pounds, I must claim zero pounds lost again. I have not lost a full pound. Still, the scales are headed in the right direction, and most importantly, I am not discouraged. My own determination is not flagging. Just that aspect alone is a good sign.

I cannot believe the amount of snow that has melted off in the last few days. Down off the hill, there is little snow left. Brianna posted that she saw robins. Tim heard them here, saw them downtown. Yesterday, Tim and I and Cara went out in the evening, and I did not wear a coat. I saw Larry and Cheryl, and it was good to see them and to blab. (Larry? Cheryl? Do I talk too much? Check yes or no). Jamie came out to see us. Jamie was part of Cara's 'gang' in high school and therefore an integral part of our family as well. And now he's grown up, and in college too, pre-med, I think. How does this happen?

Just everywhere we went, it seemed as if everyone had emerged from their winter dens, blinking their eyes in the light, breathing deeply of fresh air, uttering a collective sigh of delight. Last night, for the first time, we took blankets off the bed.

So much to do. I work for the next four days, at least. I've got a test Tuesday. I've got to get signed up for summer and fall classes. Wedding preparations. Changes to be made and gears to be shifted. Appointments. I am using a planner religiously, because to be perfectly honest, I could not keep track of it all if I did not.


Anonymous said...

We still have the blankets on our bed; however, I turned off the furnace. It's a bit on the nippy side this morning. I'm debating whether to turn on the heater again to take the chill out of the air, or just put on another sweater. Another sweater is probably the ticket; it won't add to our expenses!

You mention "everyone had emerged from their winter dens". I agree! I went for a walk yesterday, to the other side of our neighborhood, to drop off our water / sewer bill at the water company. Along the way I stopped and chatted with an elderly lady, using a walker, and her younger companion and two mothers taking their three children for a walk.

I saw two boys playing one-on-one basketball, as well as a couple other baby carriages being pushed by mothers or grandparents.

It has been gorgeous weather the past week. Now the rain comes. Perhaps the rain will rid us of rest of the snow. Bob is hoping for a good hard rain to wash away some of the crud on the highways. He moved the motorcycle from the shed into the garage. He hopes to go for a ride the next nice day.

Kelly said...

I've used planners, post-its, and calendars for years to keep track of my life. Even then things can sometimes slip up on me.

I'm doing well with my efforts at controlling my eating. Not using the scale these days, but just how well my clothes fit.

Tell me again... where are you working? Oh... and I checked the "no" box. I'm listening.

steviewren said...

Yesterday the temp here went up to 75. The sky was beautiful and it was good to sit in my car during my lunch hour and listen to the birds.

Today, it's raining again....such is life.

Jayne said...

Into Autumn here though the warm weather belies that ;)

Anonymous said...

No, No, No, you do not talk too much. Larry and I said it is always a joy to see you !!! Your voice is music to our ears. Hope you get through this busy time in your life school, wedding, new job etc..... Hope to see you soon.