Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a World We Live In

Sunday, a friend substituted for one of the other Sunday School teachers. My class was feverishly at work on a Valentine's surprise for our church. The substitute teacher only had one child in her class, and he was uncomfortable being the only kid in class with an unfamiliar teacher, so she quietly asked me if we could combine classes. "Of course," I said cheerfully, "but we are working on a surprise. Can he keep a secret?" Turns out that you never want to say that to a kid. In this day of 'stranger danger', kids are specifically warned to be wary of adults who want them to keep secrets.

I looked at this little boy, beautiful, big dark eyes, and really, it broke my heart a little. Remembering the Valentine's secrets of my own childhood, it seemed terribly sad that a little child should be afraid to keep a secret that involved construction paper hearts and glitter. And yet, I would not want, not for a moment, to try to talk him out of his notion that an adult who asks you to keep a secret is a bad person, and someone you should get away from.

What a world we live in!


Anonymous said...

That really makes me think about the state of affairs today. That is sad. I long for the innocence of the days when we ran around the neighborhood and no one freaked out about where we were at. This generation has lost something because of our fears of evil grown ups. A necesary evil I suppose but sad nonetheless. Great post!

Kerry Osborne

Anonymous said...

My daugther proudly told me that she refused to type her last name into the school computer yesterday in case a bad man found it - the Yr 2s got the heavy talk about the internet earlier in the week, but nobody bothered to explain the difference between *internet* and *computer*...