Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Weigh In

Drum roll please. If I go by my regular method of counting only the pounds that I've lost, well, then I have an announcement to make. I lost zero pounds. Zero. That's a kick in the pants. I have actually lost 3/4 of a pound. I am one-excruciating-quarter pound from that magical 10 pounds lost. *sigh*

On the plus side, this has been a tough week for me. I've really had to wrassle with myself. I am an emotional eater. Child + problem = where is the chocolate? I do have to say that I did very well with that. On the worst day, I ate three yogurt/granola bars at 180 calories each (ouch), but I rallied after that, got hold of myself, and gave me a firm talking to. This would not solve her problems, and would only make me feel worse about myself. After that, I was pretty well on track again.

Speaking of on track, Monday I finished one class, the one that followed my psychology class (which seems to be settling down, actually, thank goodness.) I began another course on Thursday. Initially, I was a little aggravated that one class ended at 9:45, while the other did not begin until 11:30. What to do with that hour and 45 minutes between class? I went over to the gym, and I walked 20 laps. I still had time to read the paper and eat my orange while I was waiting for class to begin. So I'll have two days a week at the gym. I guess this empty time slot has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I am a fast walker, and was able to maintain a steady pace which pleased me, and on the 19th lap, I even passed another walker (although the runners passed me again and again and again.) There are also weight machines there, and maybe I'll get acquainted with someone who would not mind teaching me how they work. We'll see.

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. This turtle continues on.


A Novel Woman said...

Even if you eat right, stress will cause weight gain. Relax, pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself that you didn't gain weight this week, and ride the wave.

Kelly said...

You've done well this week! That's a great way to spend that time between classes, too.

I've buckled down and gotten off to a pretty good start myself this week. (patting myself on the back)

Bob said...

Yes, stress will cause weight gain. So will joy. So will boredom. So will (name it, and for me it causes weight gain). On my list of things to ask God about when we meet face to face . . .

Anonymous said...

I struggle with emotional eating too.
Some weeks are slower than others in this weight-loss thing, but you didn't put any weigth back on - this is a win!
I haven't weighed in this morning yet, but I'm thinking I've lost another kg :)