Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another post about nothing.

Not much to say. Every bone in my body aches. The way I look at it is this: some people go to a gym and pay for their aerobic workouts. Not me. Nope. I work darned hard at work, in effect getting paid while I work out. It is worth it.

So that's it really.


Well, if you want excitement, wander over to Bill's blog. He and Margie have a new grandson. Or to WhiteStone's blog. She's sharing pictures of her trip to Maui.

Move along, folks, ain't nuthin' happening here.


Roland Denzel said...

Working out is just treatment to make up for the lack of actual work. Good work.

Cheryl said...

Know the feeling Debby.
Good to enjoy where we are at, but so much better without aches and pains.

Paula said...

Hey - like the new look site - cool!

Not much happening here either ... def no snow!


Lydia said...

Love it when nothing is happening. Life is good.