Friday, January 22, 2010

Straightening out the Blog.

First of all, I guess that I need to apologize. When I'm coming up on a busy time, I generally get a little line-up of posts together, just in case I can't get to a posting that day. Somehow, I managed to screw up the dates, which allowed a bunch of stuff to publish before I was ready for it to get published, before it got proof read for the final time, that sort of thing. So you ended up with one incomplete post and a glut of other posts. What a mess. Let me try to do some house cleaning here.

Okay. Just for the record, 'no change' in the mammogram is a good thing. The reason that the last films were so important was that scar tissue and cancer are kind of hard to differentiate. So what they look for is change. Scar tissue does not grow. (I wish the same thing could be said about cancer.) So the return of my lost films from Pittsburgh was mighty good news and yes, the fact that there is no change in the mammogram is more good news. I really try to be brave, but I am surprised at how affected I am by things like this. Ashamed even. When I mentioned this to the woman who did the pictures, she was quick to give me a little pat on the arm. "Don't," she said. She talked about how all woman are afraid to find out that they had cancer. She talked about the fact that I'd already heard those words, and so of course it was going to be nerve wracking coming in for these sorts of tests. Just her matter of fact way, her cheerful talking. She was a veritible font of information, and tremendously reassuring. God bless Sheryl!

Weight. Again, you folks don't need to know how much I weigh. My intent is to log my weight loss. After two weeks of dieting, I'd only lost 1 lb. I was not a happy camper about this. I added Slim-Fast to the equation. I whip myself up a glass of Slim Fast for breakfast. I have a glass of Slim-Fast at lunch time and a salad or a Special K bar and an orange if I'm on the run. I have a small supper. No snacks. Zero tolerance for snacks. Weight loss this week? Well, by golly. I lost two pounds. TWO POUNDS! Argh. I think that I have unrealistic expectations. When we had television reception, I used to like The Biggest Loser, and they'd post these phenomenal weight losses for the week. Real life is not like that, I guess. I've lost a total of three pounds from the beginning of the year. The scales are headed in the right direction. One of the things that is cool is that as a college student, with my brand new college ID, I have access to a gym. I plan to make use of that. Right now, my exercise plan involves parking as far as I can from where ever I am going, and then walking. I am probably the only person on campus who figured out that she has two classes as far apart as you can get on that tiny little campus, that she only has 15 minutes to get from one to another
and did a little happy dance at the discovery.

School? Well first of all, I want to thank A Novel Woman for all the practical advice. (Don't take egg salad sandwiches in your lunch. If I take valentines, take enough for the whole class.) My little buddy Sam will protect me on the playground while WhiteStone and I jump rope. I felt much better, believe you me! I've gone to all of my classes, except for the math. "Crossing the River with Dogs." What a strange name for a math book! I'd be a liar if I said that I wasn't pretty curious about this class. English class is going to be good. No real tests, but lots and lots of writing. I was nervous walking in the door, but once the teacher got talking, I got listening, and I found myself really looking forward to this class. "If you are a good writer, you will be a better writer when you leave here." That was enough for me. And remember 'Bass Girl'? The one that I could not stop staring at, because she had the pierced lip with the dangling earring, which gave her the appearance of a landed bass? Well. She is a very quiet girl. You could tell that classroom participation was going to be a big deal for her (it's a large part of the grade...) but she tried very hard to be a part of things. And when the teacher asked, "Do we have any journalers here," she and I raised our hands. She writes every day, because it's how she makes sense of things when life gets confusing. I write for the same thing. The two of us looked across the classroom at each other, and saw that we are the same. I liked that. I liked it a lot. I think that we will be friends.

Psychology class. Well. I almost didn't make it. I discovered how NOT to drive to school. I got caught in traffic, and it took forever until I got to a place where I could turn off, and go around the block, and approach the school entrance from the other direction. I was walking at a fast clip, met another girl who was headed to the same classroom, and we walked together at top speed. We both walked into the classroom at about the same time as a couple other students. The teacher was taking attendance already, and immediately gave us a lecture about being late. I stopped and pointedly looked at the clock, which was still a minute away from 8:30. She snapped that we should plan on being early. There were assigned seats, and I took mine, between two teenaged boys, one of whom, evidently had not received A Novel Woman's memo about not eating egg salad. The class was interesting, and thought provoking. I can't wait to begin doing the work for that. Unfortunately, this is the only text book that has not arrived yet. It was sent on the fourteenth, and I am starting to worry.

My last class was a prerequisite 'how to do good in college' thing (yeah, the grammar lapse is supposed to be funny...) I've written my first essay (due next Thursday) and I've got my assignment for Tuesday done as well. Today I am headed to the library to do my Psychology assignment, using their textbook since my own has not arrived. Then I've got three chapters of English to do by next Wednesday. Every little item that I tick off my to do list makes me feel much more confident.

Scary? Yes.
A little overwhelming? Yes.
Can I do it? Yes.
Excited? Oh yes.

Oh. And I officially start work on Tuesday.

Looks around. Yep. I think I've got this blog tidied up.
*wipes hands on the sides of her pant legs*
Talk atcha later!


A Novel Woman said...

Yay!! Hurrah hurrah to everything (except Egg Salad Boy)!!

You're going to rock this.

As for weight loss, you realize that the people on Biggest Loser are on a very restricted diet AND, most importantly, they do 6-8 hours (HOURS!) of exercise a day. Then they get physio and ice their joints and muscles because it's completely unrealistic and dangerous what they're doing. So there.

Eat right and exercise.

Be happy.

That's it, that's all.

Mrs. Spit said...

Does it help if I tell you that women should ONLY be losing 2 pounds a week? And if you ask any endocrinologist they will tell you that the producers of biggest loser should be dragged to to the public square and shot, because they are trashing the contestants kidney's and liver's and it is only a matter of time before one of them has a heart attack or goes into acute renal failure?

What's even worse is many of them will gain all of the weight back (and if they are women, more) because they have lost the weight in a completely unrealistic way, and it can't be sustained, and when you put your body into starvation mode, it eats your muscle, and as soon as it gets extra calories, it converts that into fat, and you are worse off.

2 pounds is great, and 1 pound is perfectly respectable. My mother is on a medically supervised weight loss and they are very happy when she loses .5 of a pound, because that's how you keep weight off. Long and slow.

Anonymous said...

I like to freeze slim fast to a mushy state and then eat it with a spoon. it reminds me of ice cream with out the calories. it also takes longer to eat so it gives me the idea that it is more food.

Redlefty said...

You're doing fine on the weight loss. You've got to cut about 3,500 calories below your maintenance level before losing a pound. And if you were eating at above-mainteanance before (hence the weight gain) then even cutting down 1,000 calories per day may only mean a pound or two per week.

The previous comments were right on with the Biggest Loser critiques -- that's not the way to do it while going to school and working. And really, if you have a significant calorie deficit, the walking at school may be as much exercise as you want to do. Combining strenuous exercise with a signficant calorice deficit is bad juju unless done in very short, rare spurts.

On another note, are you identifying with the pierced lip girl more easily because of Cara's recent body modifications? :)

Kelly said...

I'll add my two cents to the weight loss thing...

Portion control!!

Slow weight loss is the best weight loss.

Bob said...

If school is as interesting as you make it sound, sign me up!

BUSH BABE said...

You are SUCH a nerd... sounds like lots of fun! When you said blog tidy up, thought you might have sorted that header out - sooooo want to fix it so it stretches for ya. Unfortunately my ability and my intention don't go close to meeting each other!

boo@NFL Draft said...

Sometimes i ask myself to eat the certain although i am very hungry one day.In my opinion,heavy weight actually refects if ur diet is normal or not.If u eat normal and take exercises in ur spare time,i think it is very easy to keep fit.What do u think??