Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inquiring minds want to know...

Questions, questions, questions. I'm trying to get this college stuff sorted out, and really, it's like a foreign language. I feel like a ninny. I ask a lot of questions. Immediately, I began to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the questions going on in my life. In typical Jeanie fashion, I began to make a list. This helps because, with my very own little eyes, I can see that I'm making progress here, even though I have an awful lot of questions.

Orientation for college, part one, today. Tick.

Filled out the supplemental application for the program to turn in tomorrow. Tick.

Did FAFSA application. Tick.

Worked out a two month schedule so that my boss will know my availability. Tick.

Got my book list together. Tick. Even located them online, cheaper. Tock? Also discovered that my math book is called 'Crossing the River with Dogs'. I've got questions: Why are we crossing a river? I can't swim. I didn't know that swimming was a prerequisite. They didn't say swimming was a prerequisite. Why can't we just cross a road, with the chickens? Is that an option? And how many dogs are we talking about anyway?) I'll go to the campus bookstore tomorrow and get the IBSN numbers just to be absolutely sure before I place the order.

When it all comes right down to it, I'm a little worried. I'm not sure I'm ready for college. I can't swim, that's part of it. What if I sink? But here's the other thing. I saw a girl with a pierced lip. She did not have a stud in the pierced lip, but a dangly earring. Dear heavens. I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from her. She looked like a hooked bass, with the spinner hanging from his lip. I found myself staring, and I truly didn't mean to. But it fascinated me. And there was another girl with a tattooed face. Like Maori tribal designs. But if she was Maori, I'll eat my hat. I had more questions. Who would do that? And why would they do that? And how can you eat with a lip like that? And do facial tats create problems when you are trying to get a job? And is this a sign that I am too old (or too immature) for college?

Oh, and another thing. I don't blog everything in my little world. This news might surprise you, but there is an amazing amount of stuff that happens in my life that you never hear about. I waffled back and forth on whether this was something that you would need/want to know, but here goes. Okay. As you walk down the hall past our kitchen entrance/stairs to the second floor, an odor developed. It was icky. Not overwhelming, but definate. Tim got cranky at me the other day. I'd brought a laundry basket downstairs, after putting the clean clothes away. I set it in the hall and was using it to toss dirty laundry into to take back downstairs. When Tim saw a damp kitchen towel in there, he immediately read me the riot act. "This is what smells!" he declared. I disagreed with him. The smell had been plaguing us for a couple days, and the laundry basket with the damp towel in it was a recent decorating touch. But I took the towel down to the basement where the laundry room is, and listened to him complaining. But the smell was still evident after a couple more days, and I really looked everywhere for the problem. Was it something to do with the time that my old dog Buck had lost control of his bladder on the stairs? I scrubbed and I cleaned, and I sniffed, and still, the smell remained the same. I was about at my wits end. Today, determined to get to the bottom of this, Tim cut out a large chunk of dry wall. He found the corpse of a dessicated little mouse. Ew. This brings us to my last question: Now when stuff like this happens, do you blog it, or do you just pretend that everything smells wonderful in your world?

Answers to any or all of the above questions greatly appreciated.


Mrs. Spit said...

In answer to your questions.

1. It is entirely possible that is your math text. You will find the swimming is less about the actual experience of swimming and more about discussing the general notions of swimming, also how swimming appears across cultures with a focus on the didactic and how images of swimming have been used to illustrate the oppression of inland Norwegians. No, I do not know what that has to do with math. You won't either. You will also not actually don a bathing suit and get in the water.

2. It's a fashion choice. I don't understand it either, but she's not in jail, doing drugs or otherwise messing up her life. It could be worse.

3. While I have not blogged about dead mice (but often had that problem in the country) I am very close to "crowd sourcing" my embarrassing fruit fly problem.

Debby said...

Dear Mrs. Spit! When I saw the title of that book, I thought to myself 'Huh. I guess I still don't get math.' Your answer made it crystal clear to me. Thank you.

It's not a judgy sort of staring. More an amazed wondering 'why would anybody...' look. And I'm trying to control myself, really, but I keep finding myself staring. I was tempted to slap me the other day.

We had two critters move in for the winter. One vole, which was dispatched last around Thanksgiving, and this mouse (at least I hope it is this mouse. I hadn't caught a glimpse of him in the basement for a while and thought maybe the decon had worked its magic, but no. Well it did. But he picked the most inconvenient place ever to breathe his last.

Caroline said...

Textbook tip - get the ISBN's and year of publication and then try to find them used, online and you can save a lot.

Congratulations on going to college. I think its a great idea and one is never too old for education.

I don't blog about everything in my life either - the series of spiders we find in the house that my husband insists I name before he disposes of them....

A Novel Woman said...

I'm madly, major-league, impressed that you are studying college level math, as I stopped studying math in grade 10.

As for tats and piercings, I'm used to them now as I live in a fairly liberal city and am surrounded by young people (my kids range in age from 19-23) so live and let live, I say. My curiosity got the better of me one day, and I did ask a young gas station attendant why the pierced tongue. He casually leaned an arm on my car and shared EXACTLY why, in great detail. My kids were mortified, but I felt enlightened. Not something I want to do anytime soon, but at least I know why.

I blog about pretty much everything, unless it would embarrass someone in the family. Can't remember if I blogged about the guys fixing the soffits on our house. As one of them balanced the ladder, the other removed a chunk of aluminium and an avalanche of dead squirrels tumbled down on their heads. The bodies were not dessicated like your mouse, but wet and squoogy, bouncing off heads and shoulders and landing with splats on the ground. The guys ran for the hills. Ditto for the time they uncovered a carpenter's ant nest in the bathroom floor during renovations, and the ants scurried up the wall like a black, moveable blanket. That time there were three guys in the room who all tried to exit the door at the same time, Three Stooges style, screaming like little girls.

See? Feel better now?

Kelly said...

First, you should know from reading my blog that I obviously don't blog about everything in my life. In reality, I like to think it's more exciting than the mundane stuff I blog about.

As you progress through your math class I hope you'll enlighten us when you find out the significance of the title. I'm really curious.

This mouse smell? Wish I'd been there. I could have identified that odor in a flash. I'm quite familiar with it. Skunk, chicken litter, decaying mouse.... they're all smells that are imprinted on the hard drive of my mind.

BUSH BABE said...

This blog just ate my SECOND attempt at a comment here. And the last one was a good one too... darn it all!

My Dad is always a classic in the city - stares at ANYTHING out of the ordinary and passes comment VERY LOUDLY. Mohawks especially concern him. Adds some excitement to walking down the Queen Street mall I can tell you!

As for piercings, I am also bemused as to the motivation behind the really obvious ones. Surely they are wanting people to look and notice?? Am violently intrigued by Pam's comment: "He casually leaned an arm on my car and shared EXACTLY why, in great detail." Please explain??

Bill of Wasilla said...

Of course it is impossible to blog everything in your life. Just pick and choose. I am wondering if you will blog less, now that you are in college. I hope not.

Yet, you must keep your studies up, so it will be understandable if you don't.

steviewren said...

No, I haven't blogged about dead mice....yes there was a smelly zone in my basement that wafted up stairs earlier this winter...thankfully it didn't last too long. It's not the first time something died in the ceiling. I did blog about the squirrel who came to visit and wouldn't leave. Finally one of my sons found some kind of repellent that persuaded him to move out.

Debby said...

Oh, Bill, I am a great one to run off at the mouth. Or the fingers as the case may be. I don't imagine that I'll be blogging less. Just shorter.

Okay, BB, if I ever go to some big Oz city, I'll make sure to have your dad along. No one will notice my gaping, if he's commenting loudly.

NW - you best explain to BB privately about the tongue piercing thing. I run a family blog here.

Caroline - if I'd have bought them at the college book store, it would have been $213. I spent $108. Cara told me about this little trick.

Stevie and Kelly - I could have used your sniffers...

quid said...

Ew. I don't like mice. I don't blog about everything in my life, or you would have known I got a flea infestation in September and only brought it "to heel" on December 31. Since I am allergic to flea bites, and diabetic, you'd be surprised at the condition of my legs. I look like I live in a third world nation. And, they'll take months to heel.

You'll be great at college. You're a life long learner, whatever the format.

People with facial tattoos and those who wear their facial piercing jewelry to interviews do not get jobs. Rarely. My daughter has two interviews in Louisville in the next couple of days.... I asked her what she was telling the employers in interviews was the reason she was moving to Louisville. I suggested she tell them she has been in a long term relationship, and he just got promoted and relocated to Louisville, and he's already working there.

She looked at me like I was crazy. She said she was telling them "personal reasons". I am a Human Resource recruiter. I had to tell her that when an out of state candidate comes through and says "personal reasons", the recruiter assumes trouble with the law or domestic violence. She didn't believe me. What do I know?


Jayne said...

You'll blitz uni.
The fact you don't find a pierced or tattooed face blase proves you're still curious enough to do great justice to further learning ;)

As for the dead it !

Anonymous said...

Yes I think I could have helped with the 'dead mouse' smell too - my only comfort when I dectect it is that it is the only 'good' mouse smell. At least they can't make any more live mouse smells - or noises or mess.

And when you find out the why of the tongue piercing BB, please share it with me? When I look at most bizarre piercings, like the nose cartilage and other more delicate spots, I just shudder and can almost feel the pain of it happening. And no, I am afraid lots of tats just look dirty to me and if I had a choice when doing business they'd have to be absolutely outstanding in other ways at their job to get my vote. I think it will be a passing thing - not sure whether I'll see that though. However while it says something about the person who chooses to have tats and piercings I hope I'll always try to see past them to who they really are.
Can think of better ways to spend my time and money actually - but each to their own if they aren't hurting anyone else.
Deb, you'll feel like you are in a bit of a fog at times in the first few weeks, but it will all fall into place and you will do so well, but you won't have a spare minute. It will be a great experience. Best of luck!!! Love Barb

jeanie said...

Deb - I will obviously have to edumacate my family on the nuances of tongue piercings side-effects (besides the chipped enamel and future dental bills offered with each one) (not because I sport any, mind you - just worked with a few who have no doubt given me the same outline as given to Pam). Mind you - if anyone can offer a reason for the one BETWEEN the eyes or on the inner bit of nose, that would be enlightening.

Nothing like my lists - yours has way more depth AND more ticks...