Monday, January 11, 2010


I found a recipe for yeast rolls that is just dandy. The bread comes out light, the tops golden, but it's not a crusty sort of roll. So I've been tweaking around with this recipe for the last three days, making cinnamon rolls and doubling the recipe, and halving the recipe, etc. Fresh bread every day.

Know what?

The smell of fresh baked bread does something to a man. I'm not sure what, but mine becomes agreeable and very lovey dovey. When I pop freshbaked cinnamon rolls in front of him, I'm pretty sure that I could ask him anything, and no matter how outrageous it was, he'd do it.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you use this to manipulate or control the man in your life. I'm merely posting this as an FYI. For edification purposes only.


Lori said...

Good to know! :)

WhiteStone said...

Exactly the reason I bake bread at least twice a week. And various other goodies.

Bill of Wasilla said...


Now I want one of those cinnamon rolls.

But you're too far away.

What am I going to do?

Go to bed hungry, I guess.

BUSH BABE said...

Ah HAH!!! Sounds like a plan. Of course I am far too lazy too cook bread every day... the mess those cinammon rolls make, I would go mad trying!! But mmmmmm... that smell!

Karen said...

Does using the bread making machine count as baking fresh bread? I've never made bread from scratch before, but your post makes me want to give it the ole' college try! And who knows what it could do to my relationship with Brian?!?

Caroline said...

I actually learned from a french chef's cooking show recently to get the nice crust on bread, spray it with water from a mister when you put it in the oven and then again 5 minutes before you take it out. Also, my bread cooks at 450 for 25-30 so maybe the high heat helps. You might try that. But in the meantime, I'll take some cinnamon rolls...

Kelly said...

Mmmmm. It's been far too long since I've baked bread! I need to remedy that.

A Novel Woman said...

Oh, I hear ya sistah. Sistahs in carbs unite!

So, where is the recipe?

Debby said...

NW! I cannot believe you used the 'c' word here! *wobbles in shock*

I have a recipe for crusty bread, but this is a roll, light, fluffy, perfect for cinnamon rolls, or other sweet rolls. The reason that I've been tweaking it is that it is actually a refrigerator dough that has says it should be refrigerated overnight and then brought out the next morning and allowed to come to room temperature. I hate the wasted time. I want the light fluffy texture and the ability to make it, allow it to raise, punch it down, knead it into submission and then do what you're going to do with it, baking immediately after the second rise. It turned out so perfectly the last time, just the best bread ever. However the third time was a complete failure (made a good strata though, so all was not lost...) I will post the recipe by the end of the week.

Karen - absolutely, bread machines count. I sold mine after getting a kitchen aide mixer. I only used mine for mixing anyway, I did not like the crust of bread from the bread machine.

Bill - the next time that you and Margie come east, I will make cinnamon rolls for you. And then I will drive you to Ruth Deming's house, where you will again be treated like royalty. With all the friends that you have made on line, I'll bet that you could traverse the country visiting with them. And it would make a fascinating book. Yes, Kelly, you need to bake bread. WhiteStone, Lori, and Caroline have backed me up on this.

Yep, BB, it makes a mess, but you know what? After five batches in a week, you get a little system going, and you get kind of quicklike about the clean up part. Maybe the proper word is quicker-like.

steviewren said...

My mouth is watering. I haven't made fresh bread in a gazillion years. Yours sounds heavenly. I'd just like to be able to smell your kitchen. Mmmmmm, baking bread is the best smell in the world.

PaintedPromise said...

ok Deb in my next surprise package I WANT CINNAMON ROLLS ;) and the diet be damned!!!