Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crossing the River with Dogs

Okay, I had my math class last night. I've always seen myself as kind of a simpleton in the wonderful world of numbers, but you know, it wasn't bad at all. I know it was only the first day, but the teacher explained to us that basically, there are lots of different ways to solve a problem. Not only that, but some problems have more than one answer. I found myself thinking, "Well, hey, here's math I might be good at..." I had not cracked this book. I'd been too busy with the other ones. Glancing through it, I realized that it is basically a book full of word problems. When I was in elementary school, word problems were the bane of my existance. However, I was surprised to find myself intrigued by them. Our assignment today? To not only solve the problem, but to draw a picture of how we solved the problem. Argh. I came home from class and did about half of my homework last night. And when I woke up in the night, I found myself working out problems in my head.

Psychology this morning. The mandatory class for all students after that. A book to return at the tutoring center. A stop at the financial aid office to drop off some paperwork. Stop at the health clinic to provide proof of immunization. Then I head directly to my first day at work. It's going to be a long day. This week, I have two very long days. I've got a casserole in the refrigerator for Tim's supper, but still, I feel badly for him. I'm working hard, but he's making some big sacrifices too.

I had a chance to visit with a friend this afternoon while making copies yesterday. It was one of those soul satisfying talks. Terrie's death had been much on my mind as I went through my day, and the simple joy of visiting with a friend was hugely comforting. I came away strengthened and encouraged, and moreover, later I received an e-mail from her saying that she felt the same.

Life is tremendously exciting for me right now, but I am really grateful for the solid foundation of my own marriage, for Tim's quiet focus, for good friends who don't hesitate to share.


Caroline said...

Word problems? Yuck! If Johnny has six oranges and gives three to Kathy, how many apples does that leave Steve with? Eek!

Kelly said...

I'm trying to convince myself that the word problem math class sounds interesting. I'm kinda like you about word problems....

Keep us posted.

WhiteStone said...

If a plane takes umpteen hours to travel 20 million miles with a headwind of 40 knots (howeverfast that is!) then how many hours does it take to fly in the opposite direction if one engine fails and the wheels won' retract? I had that one in third grade and if you send me ransom, I'll give you the answer before test time.

P.S. If they try to sign you up for Phonetics, please be reminded that is NOT Phonics. Don't take Phonetics. Unless you plan to travel to Pandora. It might be useful there.

Jayne said...

You're a better woman than me, Gunga Din!
Glad you're into math word problems lol.