Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bush Babe's Tag!

I got tagged over at Bush Babe's place: Eight by Eight. Way more information about Debby than you need or want to know.

Eight TV shows I watch.
Well. Since we don't really get TV at all any more (the switch to digital did not do us a lick of good), we just don't watch a lot of television. We get public television which is actually alright, but there are not a lot of shows that we both get excited about.

* The BBC News
* The Antiques Road Show
* This Old House
*As Time Goes By
*The Last of the Summer Wine
*American Experience
I really have to tell you, I can't list eight. The only shows that we watch with any regularity are The BBC news (nightly), the Antiques Road Show (Monday nights) and As Time Goes By and The Last of the Summer Wine (which we manage to catch about every other Saturday. We do watch videos on a sort of a semi regular basis.

Eight Places I like to eat and drink.

Oh, dear heavens. We're going to sound boring as all get out.
* We like to go to friends' homes.
* I like cooking in my own kitchen, with my own books, and my own things. I like trying new things. Tim is pretty much a meat and potato man (true story: he'd never eaten cottage cheese until he met me), and he's forever saying 'I don't think that I like asparagus (or gumbo or whatever new thing is on the menu)' and then deciding that he actually does, after all. He thinks that I am the best cook ever, and constantly says that, and because I am a superficial person, I like to hear it.
*Once we went to a restaurant called 'The Nickel Inn'. That was a very nice restaurant. Huge glass windows with hummingbirds buzzing all around as you ate, nice gardens. I enjoyed that.
*Bob Evans. I love their cranberry/pecan/chicken salad.
* and *. If we eat out, generally it's because we're in the middle of a renovation project downtown and do want to take the time to drive all the way home, clean up and cook something, and then head back down to continue the project. So we'll pop in for fast food. Yep. Disheveled and paint splattered or drywall speckled. Sorry for the visuals, but it's the truth. But if we go out, usually it is Wendy's (Chicken Mandarin Salad) or Subway (I love veggie subs ~usually make them myself~but if we're in a rush, well, Subway is cheap and healthy.

Sad. But really that's it. So, yeah, no list of eight for me there, either.

Eight things that I have learned from the past:

*People like to tell you what they are, but what they do is far more important than what they say.
*Kids are their own people. Don't get all caught up in your dreams for them, because they have their own dreams, their own plans. Their way may not be your way. It's a consequence of raising them to be independent and comfortable in their own skin.
*Getting knocked on your ass is another consequence of living. It happens to everyone at some point. Staying down there on your bottom is a choice. Whether you sit there because of fear, or because of shame, or because you've simply given up, well, it is a choice. A choice that you make.
*Kindness matters. This is a rough world we live in, and every last drop of kindness matters.
*Not every criticism of you is valid.
*Trust your own instincts.
*Every person has their own story. The best people are the ones who learn to tell that story ~ and learn to listen to the stories of others, because they realize that their story is not the most important story in the world.
*That I am no better or no worse than any one else on this planet.

Eight things that I look forward to:
*Growing old with my husband.
*There's a whole lot of folks in the blogging world that I want to meet, and yep, those women of Granite Glen and I have some serious celebrating to do. (Seriously, BB, meeting me is one of the eight things on your wish list?!!! Gawrsh. I don't know what to say. That's so very nice...)
*Watching my children's lives unfold.
*Graduating from college one day.
*Church on Sunday morning.
*Coffee with friends.
*Hanging out with friends.

Eight things I love about winter.

Cripes. Winter is not my season. Let's see if I can come up with eight things for this...

*Tim keeps our bedroom cold. I don't like that, but I do like leaping into bed and burrowing under the blankets and cozying up to the warm body next to mine and slowly getting warm and drowzy.

*When the weather really stinks, I stay close to home. I'm much more domestic in the winter, and I like that, the baking and the cooking, and the sense that I'm 'catching up'.

*I like bright sunny mornings when the sun shines on the snow and it is like a thousand points of light, and it hurts your eyes to look at it.

*I like the dark evenings, when you can curl up with an afghan and a husband, and a good book or a good video.

*I love the holidays that come in winter, and I love the gathering of families and friends.

*I like feeding the birds. We can only do that in the winter. In the summer, the bird feeders attract bears, who are just as entertaining as birds to watch, but unfortunately are way more destructive.

*I like the quiet of winter, the way life slips into a quieter mode. I also like the sounds of winter. The wind sounds different when it is howling in a snow storm than it does for any other season.

*I like flipping through seed catalogues that arrive during the winter. It just gives you such a happy feeling that spring follows winter, exactly as it has for all of eternity. Dark times do not last.

Eight things on my wish list.

*I want to see all of my kids find happiness and fulfillment and success in this life.

*I want to see Australia.

*That I never, ever have to hear the words 'it is cancer' ever again.

*That I get this weight that I gained during treatment back off again. I have begun a serious diet, since the beginning of the year. I'll be posting my weekly weight loss on Friday, and you are all welcome to diet right along with me if you want. Share what works, what doesn't, etc.

*I would like to write a book one day, but I don't know what it would be about. I don't think the world needs another book on breast cancer. I don't think 'Lifetime' needs more fodder for their made-for-television-real-life-docudramas.

*I want to make a difference in the world. A good difference.

*I wish that I could visit all fifty states. I've been in about half of them. I'd like to see them all.

*I'd like a little aviary. Inside my house. With finches, like at the local nursing home. I could watch those little birds all day long.

Eight things that I am passionate about:

*My marriage

*My children



*my right of self determination

*my friends, the ones that I interact with in person, and the ones that I interact with via the internet. You all are great.

*being the best person that you can

*living quietly

Eight things I want/need:

*a car without a dashboard of flashing 'idiot lights'

*a laptop

*a lap cat

*a nice garden

*a grandfather clock

*a nice job that I love

*a library of fresh new books just waiting for me to read, one at a time, at my leisure.

*to travel

Okay. Now I have to tag eight people.

Sam? You're up, bub.

Stevie. You too.

Muse? You've been way too quiet over there.

Lavinia? You've been even quieter than Muse.

WhiteStone, I've sure enjoyed getting to know you. Here's a chance to get to know you better.

A Novel Woman...BB's your friend too.

Susan? Why don't you see if you can lasso Mikey in, too?

And if you all are too busy, don't you worry about this tag. If you all don't post, I don't think this is like Monopoly, where I'll go to jail, go directly to jail, not passing go, not collecting $200.

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steviewren said...

Debby, I love the idea of a little aviary outside the window. I feel like I know a lot more about you now.

And you've given me quite an assignment by tagging me. Let me think about it for a few days.