Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We actually have been quite busy here. Friday, we went to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". If you have never seen this, or read it, might I strongly recommend getting a copy and reading it aloud to your kidlets...or letting them read it aloud to you. It's hysterically funny. The play was very well done, and the kids knew their lines. Usually you expect to see some amount of stumbling there, but no...the lines were delivered flawlessly, with perfect body language. It was great. Little Gladys was perfect! "Sha-ZAAAAAAM!" she bellowed, and everyone in the audience fell apart everytime that she did it.

We went to Olmstead Manor, about a half hour from here. The exterior pictures did not turn out. I think that I figured out why, and am headed back next Sunday to take more pictures for you all. This was a historical home, a 9 bedroom mansion, each bedroom with its own Italian tiled walls, circular showers, marble floors, leaded opaque windows, etc. The woodwork was buh-yoooooo-tiful, huge central stairway leading to a bank of windows which overlooked the wrought iron fence and the stone steps that led, I suppose, to a beautifully landscaped garden. It was too late to traipse up them to find out, as it was already getting dark. One day was not enough to take it all in anyway, so I'm not disappointed about going back a second day. You creep from room to room, everything exquistely set up for a victorian Christmas. The guides turned us loose, saying "Be sure to look in the closets" and "there are secret compartments in the wainscotting...look for them as well". I ran in to my old friend Dick, and his wife. Dick used to be a reporter for UPI, an old newspaper editor, and now volunteers his time and energy everywhere he can, and writes a weekly column in his retirement. So we stood in the middle of this mansion hugging and chattering. Before we left, I'd found former coworkers and chattered and hugged some more. Trevor watched this whole thing confounded. "If we dropped you off in the middle of Timbuktoo, I believe that you'd come across someone you know," he said.
"Probably," I said. "But usually, folks flee more quickly and I don't catch up with them. These hapless souls are out of shape, no doubt."

We've watched 'In the Name of the Rose' and 'Sense and Sensibility' and Brianna and Buddy came over to have supper and visit and watch TV. The menfolk have been vocal about the poor weather. Tim has not gotten his deer yet. I cannot remember a year when he did not get a deer. Usually he gets two. The lack of snow makes the woods noisy, and allows the deer time to get away. So no fresh venison so far.

Buck had a trip to the vet, and my worst fears were confirmed. The stray I found 6 years ago is older than originally thought. He probably has Cushings Disease, although the vet felt that there was no point in doing the expensive testing. As old as he is, he would probably not survive the treatment. "Make him comfortable." "There will come a day." We already had guessed this, but now we know.

We've had good meals and laughter and talking. We've swapped stories and reminisced. Our company is gone now, and our house is again quiet. This is not a bad thing either. I've got a basket of unmentionables in the basement that I need to get done. Normally, I'd have hauled them upstairs to fold while I was watching a movie but since we had company, I didn't do that. I could have taken them upstairs to fold, sitting crosslegged on the bed, but it seemed rude to absent myself from company. The unmentionables were left to ponder their existance in the laundry basket.

Let me get off my duff. I've got garbage to get to the curb, firewood to bring in, and then I'm off to a presentation on area jobs. Hopefully one of them has my name on it.

That's life in my neck of the woods.

Jealous, aintcha?


BUSH BABE said...

Sounds kinda nice mostly, except the bit about Buck. I know it sounds trite but how lucky has he been Deb? To find you and share your life and know your love and care - things might have been quite different for him. Give him a cuddle for me...

BUSH BABE said...

Sounds kinda nice mostly, except the bit about Buck. I know it sounds trite but how lucky has he been Deb? To find you and share your life and know your love and care - things might have been quite different for him. Give him a cuddle for me...

A Novel Woman said...

I don't kow about everyone else, but I am. Although I am starting my baking today. Gingersnaps are first out of the block.

Ah, poor old Buck. One of my cats was a stray we took in, and he used to be all black. Now his fur is flecked with grey and he gets up a lot more slowly. We think he's a lot older than we originally thought too, but he's still hanging in there. His hips hurt and he gets up more slowly, but he's more affectionate these days too, just wanting to sit quietly beside me or padding behind me from room to room, which he never did before.

Our hearts are theirs, always were, and always will be.

Ash said...

My mum is the same.. She just can't go anywhere without meeting 'people she knows' :)

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear the news about Buck. Two of our inside girls are 10 now and I'm aware the "time" will come sooner than I want.

I always dump my clean laundry on the living room couch to fold. Nice to know others do the same.

WhiteStone said...

I like to dump my clean laundry on the bed. And hope Hubby folds it before he takes his nap. You might try that? LOL

Would love to visit the mansion with you!

jeanie said...

I use the table.