Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Some folks tend to get their Christmas cards out at the last minute. Envision a woman sitting in her bathrobe at the dining room table finishing up the last of them just yesterday, and then getting showered and dressed to head out to the post office because, since the 55 cards were finally done, she certainly did not need to be losing one more moment getting them into the mail. Now, I'm not saying that was me, mind you. Being an organized woman, I'd begun my Christmas cards shortly after Thanksgiving. I got about half of them done in November. The other half? Quit interrupting me, I'm trying to tell a story here. So I get myself showered and dressed, and head out to the post office, and don't you know it, there is a line. People standing there with boxes, for pete's sake. What kind of people wait until the last minute to do their holiday mailing? So anyway, I'm standing there with 55 Christmas cards, waiting patiently in line, and because I cannot wait quietly to save my soul, I began blabbing. The woman behind me says, "Do you mind if I ask your name?" and I say it, and she says, "I read your blog every day." She finds it uplifting and inspirational. It always amazes me to hear things like this.

I buy my stamps, and I carefully afix them to 55 Christmas cards and drop them into the mail box, and walk out of the post office relieved that I can tick off the 'get Christmas cards done' box, in true Jeanie style. Saturday, I ticked off several boxes. I dragged my decorations down, and decorated the tree (tick). I set up my lit Christmas village for the first time in two years (tick). I got out the Nativity. I even brought down my Christmas dishes, unpacked them, washed them, put my ordinary dishes away for the month, and put the washed Christmas dishes in the cupboard (tick). I even wrapped most of my presents (tick). I've already baked three batches of cookies, but tomorrow afternoon, and Wednesday, I'll make a few more favorites (tick).

It is very hard for me to go through the motions of this Christmas without remembering last Christmas: the exhaustion, and discouraged knowledge that I could not make the Christmas my family was used to. I really rejoice over the fact that this year, I can. I have. It is Christmas at my house. I am so very happy to be back in the swing of things. Thanks, Dawn, for taking the time to talk to me at the post office. It is a new Christmas. It is a new season. I walk out of the post office, into the snow, and I take a moment to savor the scene before me. I am lighthearted and filled with joy. And it is not just because I finally got my Christmas cards done.


A Novel Woman said...

I sometimes have random people tell me they read my blog and it always strikes me as slightly thrilling and slightly unsettling because I think no one is actually reading it!

Count me in as one who reads and is uplifted by your musings here. And I'm so glad that this Christmas is so much better than your last.

Happy Holidays!


Dawn said...

Thank YOU, Debby, for chatting with me. I feel as though I know you from reading your blog and I left the post office with a smile on my face from having the opportunity to meet you in person. God bless you and your family!


Mikey said...

You are famous!!! See, I told you, you would have a huge impact if you wrote online. And here you are, being recognized in the post office. I wish you knew how much you inspire people.
Now I'm off to frantically find my last minute gifts, wrap and box them and stand in the line before 4 pm. Because I AM one of those people, lol.

Karen said...

Yes, what a difference a year can make! I'll bet that you're not only feeling better this year (as compared to last year at this time) but you're continually seeing life in a new - and different - way. I know I am. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us all, and have a wonderful Christmas and healthy New Year! :)

Kelly said...

I was late with my cards this year, too.

You've been through a lot since this time last year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas this year!!

WhiteStone said...

Ditto the Christmas cards. Mine went in the mail today. And then, not as many as I should have sent. Merry Christmas, Friend Debby.

Mrs. Spit said...

Ahh. I haven't done cards this year. But, almost everything else, and with joy in my heart.

Pencil Writer said...

Merry Christmas, Debby, to you and all your family. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you.

PaintedPromise said...

i gave up on cards a few years ago. i try to get an e-mail out, explaining that instead of sending "real" cards, we take the money we would have spent on cards and stamps and donate it to a local charity (a battered women's shelter). this year, sadly, i haven't even done that. this year we have to be our own charity. but this too shall pass! just as your Christmas this year is so much better than last year, i am confident that next year ours will be so much better as well!

and i have to second what Pam said:

"Count me in as one who reads and is uplifted by your musings here."

PS Dawn, i am SO JEALOUS!!! i would LOVE to bump into Debby at my post office!!!!!

Bill of Wasilla said...

You got your cards out before we did ours - but, we're still going to do it!

BUSH BABE said...

Hey... I posted mine out today too!!

Hopeless... we're a day ahead and I can say that. No-one in the PO recognised me though - thank goodness (I was the shiny, harried, running-so-late-I-ate-my-tuna-sub-as-I-drove chick).

I don't think any of us are the slightest bit amazed you are famous in your neck of the woods - you're famous at Granite Glen for heaven's sake!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas present for the spirit, running into that woman at the post office!

I unfortunately am one of those women who seems to stumbling around this Christmas trying to catch up. I just gave pumkin bread and goodies including tootsie rolls to a friend whose husband is gluten intolerant and whose daughter allergic to chocolate. Even though I'm 6 months out chemo brain is still in effect here. Isn't that awful?! Anyway, I'll stop confessing here. The work associated with Christmas is tiring but the message timeless. Like you I am so thankful to be here and enjoy it. What a blessing indeed! Wishing you lots of joy this Christmas!

Kerry Osborne

Bob said...

This brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart . . . since Dec. 22 is when I also mailed my cards! Have a great one Debby!