Monday, December 7, 2009

Jeanie and Barb

Barb has gone to Jeanie's to help out while they wait for this baby to come. Internet aunties across the world wait excitedly for the big day. As if the two of them haven't enough to do at this time, they sent me just the cutest Christmas card ever, via e-mail. I had fun creating these for the kids. I even sent one to the church secretary praising her for giving up the smokes and cutting back on the booze. (She does neither, but hey, who's going to let a couple minor details get in the way of a good time?) Anyways, here is a link.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Jeanie and V: our very best wishes to you on the coming baby. 'Salina? You will be the very best big sister ever! BB? The baby will undoubtedly be adorable, so you just better get a handle on your homones, woman! (or better yet, just give in and have another...) And Barb? Is there anything more wonderful than another grandbaby to cuddle?


BUSH BABE said...

I am battening down the hatches BIG TIME... did you know our brother and his wife are expecting number four any day soon? It's A CONSPIRACY!!!!


jeanie said...

he he he - I was all for waiting Curly out, but I think I am nearly ready - today is the due date, so I still have 10 days grace, don't I?