Monday, December 14, 2009


There was a live mouse in my dirty laundry. At one time I thought that was a big deal. Then I read that Bush Babe found a dead frog in her clean laundry. Sort of made my story not such a big deal. There are some very humorous stories about critters in the comment section of my little story. I urge you to go read them. But today, Jeanie (9+ months pregnant) related her latest 'Eddie' story (a cat tale).

Oh. Minor note. If you google 'australian brown snake', you will discover that it is the leading cause of snake bite death in Australia.

Okay. Two things...Bill? If I lived in Australia, I would not want a cat. The second thing? Field mice in the laundry? That ain't nuthing!!!!

PS: If you wander over to Jeanie's place, do not leave comments about babies or pregnancy. This is stressing her out. Leave cryptic comments about Copenhagen. It's a code. I don't think she has a clue.


jeanie said...

A clue about what, Deb?

Debby said...

Oh, hey, Jeanie, how's it going?

I'm baking Christmas cookies today, and minding my own business. Except Copenhagen. Really, I can't help wondering about Copenhagen. NV was terribly informative on the subject this morning, wasn't she?

BB said...

Oh Jeanie has a clue alright... the snakes are just a smokescreen for the writhing pit of hormones only an overdue mother-to-be can experience. Tread vewwy, vewwy carefully... even Copenhagen can host violence on occasion!

Snoskred said...

Actually you would want a cat - my Australian cats have saved me on many occasions from the dangerous creatures of Australia, including a redback spider in my shower which they were attacking in the middle of the night, and anytime there is a spider they are after it like it is a mouse. ;)

If there had been no Eddie playing with the snake, who knows when they would have found it? :)