Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Okay. New computer not fixed, after all. Sigh. I am not downloading pictures onto the old computer. It takes far too long.

Christmas? Oh. It was great. Really very nice. Dylan worked overtime to get a water plant back up and running before he left. He got off work at 2:30, and then tossed his bag in the back of his Jeep and headed home, hitting our driveway at about 8 AM, much to everyone's surprise. He did not go to bed. Instead, he went shopping with his sister. By the time that he got home with her, he was about comatose. He slept for a couple hours and then drifted down to the sofa where he lay in a strange dazed state. We all flopped down to watch a video, just to keep coma-boy company. We watched Flight 93. That was not a movie for Christmas eve, actually. I cried, and had to head to the kitchen to make some egg nog. Dylan, Cara, and Tim began to plan what they would do if their plane was hijacked. Cara believes that you should always carry a sock full of change for just such an emergency. She is of the belief that if you swing a sock full of change full circle and land it against somebody's head, you could do damage. Seemed like it could work. She had taken a self defense class and waxed forth on the weapons you could make from the simple items in your purse. I am now afraid of Cara. In any case, the Christmas eve passed in a blur of terrorist fighting conversation. Everyone agreed that if you let terrorists in the cockpit, you've already lost the fight. So.

I was coming down with the miserable cold. In the season of sharing, Dylan and Cara now have it. We got up Christmas morning, snuffly and miserable (but of a shared opinion on the handling of any terrorists who might attempt to hijack our festivities). Buddy and Brianna came, and Mike, and we had breakfast. 'Everything omelets', hashbrowns, sausages, waffles, and popovers. Popovers are a simple treat:

1 1/2 cup of flour
1 1/2 cup of milk
1 teas of salt
3 eggs
3 tablespoons butter
Beat everything together with a mixer. Bake at 425 degree oven for 20-30 minutes until brown on top. And if you take these out of the oven, and a huge blop of homemade jam falls square in the middle of them, this is not a bad thing.

Anyhow, we had a big breakfast, and then we unwrapped gifts. It was fun, and family, and lots of laughing.

I got dangly earrings. A new bird feeder. A painted slate. A new crockpot. Picture frames. Snicker bars. A gift card.

We had a ham dinner, simple, really, with homemade rolls fresh out of the oven, and mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. Christmas cookies for dessert.

We all sprawled around and watched Harry Potter 28. (Really? Only 6 so far?!!!! Oh...).

And then Tim read the internet news reports to us about the terrorist who tried to blow up the plane outside of Detroit. Dylan then demonstrated how a simple winter scarf could be used as a weapon against terrorists. Cara then spent the rest of the night kicking and slapping her brother. Now I am afraid of both Dylan and Cara.

We all went to bed that night, happy, well fed, and amply prepared to deal with terrorists.

The end.



Redlefty said...

Perfect! Now if Cara and Dylan will watch Rambo, Die Hard and maybe a Bruce Lee film, they can head to Afghanistan and clean this war thing up in 48 hours.

Merry Christmas!

BUSH BABE said...

Good Lord... doesn't your TV offer Christmassy kinds of movies pre-December 25? Terrorists and Harry Potter. That's not exactly St Nick-friendly stuff!

I too am now scared of your offspring.

Glad your day was relaxed and happy.

Debby said...

We haven't got television reception since the country made the switch to digital. According to the websites, we're not supposed to get any reception here. Our only option is satellite, or to make it part of our telephone plan and have it come in through the phone line. The problem is that neither of us watch enough TV to warrant spending $80 a month on it. So it's videos for us. I do have to say it was poor planning on my part to get such a video. I did not know we'd be watching TV Christmas eve. It was a five day rental that I figured we'd watch during the course of their visit. I didn't count on a rotten cold knocking me on my behind, Dylan being exhausted, and Cara coming down with a cold. We all felt like crap except for 'the Tim-ber' who was chirpy and fine.

BB - truly, life was so much easier when they believed in St. Nick. My threats meant something.

Redlefty - There's an idea, although I'd feel pretty sorry for the Afghan terrorists.

Scotty said...

That's great, Debby - glad you had a good day (Sky Marshalls Cara and Dylan notwithstanding).


Alli said...

Happy to hear you had a good Christmas. It was just my son and I home. Our Christmas dinner was a bowl of Cream of Carrot Soup and a Chicken Sandwich... It was perfect...

Speaking of Christmas movies I have been searching in vain for White Christmas doesn't seem to be on at all. But tomorrow as tradition has it The Sound of Music!! Used to watch with my neice, We know every word throughout the movie hahaha

Enjoy your week
Love Alli xx

Mary Paddock said...

Sounds like a realistic enough Christmas. Kids don't always want to play along with the image we have in our heads of how things should be.

Happy holidays, Deb!

Bill of Wasilla said...

I could relate to that comatose part.

As for the terrorists, a strange thing happened to me on Christmas Day. I was sitting right here, at my computer, doing what I can't remember, and I got to thinking about terrorists and I thought, if ever there was a day that would want to strike to turn something special to Americans into a nightmare, Christmas would be that day.

I then clicked on a button, which took me straight to the news story that someone flying out of Nigeria had tried to do just that.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask a question about popovers. After you beat the mix, what do you put the mix in / on before it bakes? Muffin tins? Or cake tins? Or do you plop them flat like pancakes? How big? And what part of the popver actually pops over? I have read of popovers in novels but are yet to actually see one. Can you enlighten?

Debby said...

Rhu - muffin tins. As they bake, there will be a little convex in the middle. That's where you blop the jelly. Blop being a highly technical phrase that only true kitchenistas can understand.

Bill ~ isn't it bizarre when stuff like that happens? I remember 9/11. I worked nights and was asleep upstairs in my bed. I woke to the sound of Tim's feet pounding up the stairs, and the thought in my head was "Why is the plane flying so low?" I don't remember dreaming about it, but I must have. I cannot consciously hear the TV from my bedroom, but I must be able to. Or else I'm psychic, and you all are paying $7.99 to speak with me now.

Debby said...

Concave. Sorry.