Monday, November 9, 2009

Passing the torch

Today after church, we had a birthday party to go to. It was Dalton's 11th birthday. He is my nephew Tom's boy. Tom and Carrie are in from Virginia, so everyone got together, bringing a dish to pass. We met at the home of Kristy and Mike and the party got under way quickly. Since the nieces and nephews have taken the Lord's admonition 'be fruitful and multiply' to heart, I was quickly up to my armpits in children. We heard the news that there will be even more of them at future family gatherings. I dandled babies, marvelled at the growth of the others, visited with the greatgrandparents of the whole herd of them. It was noisy and riotous, and I liked watching it, the easygoing way that everybody took charge of everybody else's kids, and babies passed easily from one hand to the next, the babies so used to it that they didn't even bother to put up a fuss.

You really see the circle of life displayed in all its glory at something like this. It seems like only yesterday that I was the young mother with the babies. Heck. It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was the kid sitting on the steps of my grandmother's basement with my own cousins. Now I am one of the 'old folks' at these shindigs.

I sat quietly rocking a baby, watching the hubbub contently, visiting and listening.

Where does the time go?


Bush Babe said...

It goes swirling into the kids, and the kids' kids, and their kids' kids... none wasted. But much, much too fast.

Lovely imagery Deb.

Lori said...

Lovely! Large families are so wonderful. This sounds like a gathering of my family.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I find it hard to comprehend that I've become part of the "older" generation now when family gathers. The only one left of the generation ahead of me is 97.

Funny, I don't FEEL old! (or act it, for that matter)

Then again, I'm the youngest (by 25 years) of all the kids/cousins/etc in my generation.

The Factory said...

You are in fine form my lovely. As you Americans say, way to go !

Wendy said...

Nothing wrong with getting old - look at Bob Seger - and he still sounds the same even though he looks like a choirboy now!!
Just found your blog so I hope to catch up more often - cheers Wendy

Deb said...

It seems to me the older I get, the faster time goes by. Sometimes that makes me sad but we have created such wonderful memories and I know we aren't finished just yet :)

Your family gathering sounds wonderful - how nice for you all to be so comfortable with each other. Although our family is small, we are very close and spend lots of time together. I'm anxiously waiting for the "Grandma" days and babies to snuggle.

I've recently found your blog as well am very happy to "meet you". I'll definately be back often.