Monday, October 12, 2009


My friend, Karen, lent me a book called 'The Red Leather Diary' which is a fascinating glimpse of another time. This piece is attributed to Susan Glaspell, from her play called 'The People'.
We are living now.
We shall not live long.
No one should tell us we shall live again.
This is our little while.
This is our chance.
It just has me thinking about what a small piece our life is in the great story of the world. We have such a short time to make a difference. I find myself wondering, 'Have I? Will I? Can I?' It's just a cold gray day, a pondering sort of day. I need to get a job. No call backs today.


Bill said...

Yes, you've made a difference. Otherwise, I would not be posting here.


I think it is often the little things we do which can make such a difference... sometimes we might never know exactly what effect our words/actions have for the good. It is all back to the 'ripples in a pond' effect. Take care of yourself - sending you a big hug.

WhiteStone said...

You're definitely a welcome part of my life.

Kelly said...

Well, you've certainly made a difference to me!

(but I know what you mean about pondering these kinds of things....)

PaintedPromise said...

add me to the list! your presence in my life has definitely made a difference!!!