Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shameless Plug

Oh my goodness!

I was dying of thirst so I got up for a glass of water. I clicked on the blog to respond to an earlier e-mail from Susan. And there it was. My count. I was 44444. To visit my own blog! Isn't that something? I wonder what it means. I mean, really, 44444. That's really significant, don't you think?


It's not.

There was a zero in front of it, and it accounts for just one of those things that catch your eye and make you think 'huh!' for just a moment, like running into your aunt in the bathroom of Mt. Vernon hundreds of miles from home. When neither of you knew that you'd be there.


That actually was kind of remarkable.

Anyway, that's enough talk about the remarkable coincidences of my life.

Out in Arizona, there is a couple women who are rescuing dogs from the desert. When they are done, there's about 10 more in the dump to be picked up. Animal control will not do anything about it. The sheriff's advice to the neighbors? Shoot them on sight. The dogs. Not Susan and Mikey. But I digress. It's late. My water is gone. I should be back in bed. But here's the dealy deal. Mikey works for a vet, and gets a discount. She is having these animals neutered, wormed and vaccinated. Susan and Mikey and Mikey's mom are shlepping an enormous amount of food out to these animals. Just so happens that Susan owns a equine rescue ranch. Your donations would be greatly appreciated by both (wo)man and beast. Enclose a note letting them know the donation is for the dogs, and Susan will get that money where it needs to be.

The address is:
Painted Promise Ranch
23925 West Patton Road
Wittmann, Arizona 85361

If there happens to be a soul out there who reading this, thinking that they'd sure like to take one of these dogs, I'm telling you: Mikey can make it happen. That gal has connections. Wade might tell you she has 'loose' connections, but just don't you listen to Wade. You just can't trust a man with two wives.

Mikey? Susan? I'll get this party started. I'll send a donation.


BB said...

Great plug Debby - I'll see what I can do from Oz..
Now go back to bed!

Mikey said...

Oh you made me laugh with the two wives thing :) I wish YOU were out here!
Susan and I are hard at it. I'll be back at it hopefully this morning, and we'll both go out again Fri morn. Until we get them all!
Thank you so much, I hate to ask for any kind of money, people have it so tough right now and I hate for someone else to fund my "adventures" as I call them. But these dogs do need a hand and if I can help I do. I know everyone else feels the same way, and since we can't all jump on a plane and come out and personally chase these dogs down (why not Debby??) then this works. God Bless you all for helping animals left behind. If you could see the hopelessness in Starfish's eyes... it would break your heart. I'm on my way to see him this morning in fact, so I better run. A big hug and kiss to you Miss Debby. We love you!

Bill of Wasilla said...

My quadruple great grandfather had seven wives - and 63 children.

When my wife and I next go to Arizona, sometime this winter, I have it on my list of things that I want to do there to go meet Mikey and co. Then I can blog about them, first hand.

But, as you have already noted, I might drive away with more dogs than I had counted on.

Then, too, when I go on these travels, I always have 99 things I hope to do and I usually do about four of them.

We will see.

PaintedPromise said...

great plug Deb! except one tiny detail... our rescue is private, not 501(c)3, so the tax deduction isn't there... sorry! we had limited time and money and wanted to spend it on the animals, not paperwork... plus being 501(c)3 means you have to have a board which means other people tell you what to do. we opted to stay private and stay in charge even though it means less in donations.

however if anyone wants to send a small donation we will be happy for it. initially food is the goal. as things progress i want to make sure Mikey doesn't get personally stuck for all the vet bills... even with her discount, these dogs will need a LOT and since i feel like i got her into this, i want to make sure it doesn't end up a problem for her. if there is money left once the "Trailer of Death Dogs" are caught and homes found for them, there are still the "Dump Dogs"... and with Mikey in the picture, who knows what next???

i am hoping that Abigail the donkey will be adopted soon, and i plan to put her adoption fee towards "her" dogs too.