Monday, October 19, 2009

Mikey and Susan

Last week was a busy week for me. I removed everything from the downstairs bathroom, painted it, scrubbed it all down, put it back together. I cleaned bedrooms and got them ready for company. I planned a party and shopped for a party. I got firewood. I prepared food and lots of it. I even helped out a friend last week. All the while, I kept thinking "You know, last week, I couldn't have even done this." Then I'd get all grateful to God and teary eyed. Then I'd get back to work. I mean really, there was a lot of stuff going on last week.

You know. I was kind of impressed with my productivity.

But then there's Mikey and Susan.

*hangs head*

Yep. I can't keep up. I cannot lay claim to trapping man-eating dogs in the trailer of death on top of my domestic duties.

It's folks like these two that make desperate housewives out of the rest of us.


jeanie said...

Well, how many man-eating dogs have you got circling your neighbourhood Deb?

I didn't paint the bathroom on the weekend either.

Some of us have the bar set low enough to step over it!

Debby said...

Well, all I know is reading that horrible story made me give Buck a bit extra in the food bowl. Maybe you better give Eddie an extra ration as well.

Thanks for not painting your bathroom. You're just the best, Jeanie!

Bush Babe said...

I KNOW... I have been gagging a little at the reports. Not quite clear on what the Animal Control actually IS or what they are SUPPOSED to do, but get the gist of it. Terrible.

I didn't paint a bathroom either. Or even the kitchen trims that have been waiting two years for attention!!

PaintedPromise said...

aw shucks ;) thanks Deb!

but actually it's MIKEY that deserves the praise! first, because she answered my call for help to catch the donkey in the first place! and second, because if she hadn't been there, i'd have driven away with the donkey and not done more for those dogs than help the neighbors by trying to pester Animal Control to pick them up {hangs head}

but then, i don't have a friend with a large-dog-sized live animal trap... nor a safe place to keep a dog like that at my house... nor an "in" at the vet's office... oh well. having gotten Mikey into this, i am along for the ride and i am bound and determined to stick it out for the duration!

speaking of which donations for dog food while we try to catch them, and for the vet care they will each need, while deemed not necessary by Mikey, are in fact quite welcome and i will MAKE her take the help ;) {shameless plug since Debby has so many followers!}

Mikey said...

I wish I had the money to fly you out here, cause I would, and you could chase man eating dogs around the desert too! lol
Don't sell yourself short. Your house looks WAY cleaner than mine, I have no doubts. I only wish I could keep house the way you do. I try, but I fail miserably.
The only thing I'm good at is looking for trouble :)
But thank you for the kind words :)