Friday, October 23, 2009

God is in the Details

The power was scheduled to go off today, all day while they worked on the lines, so I headed off to Mary's house. We both had errands to run and decided to do them together. It was a pleasant autumn day, and I sat in the car as she went in to pick up a part they needed for their school bus. I listened to the sound of a flock of geese honking their way across the sky in a 'v'.

On the way home, I stopped at a friend's house. The wind was blowing and the leaves were swirling off the trees, masses of them, nature's version of a ticker tape parade. They were everywhere. It was such a cool moment, as if I were standing inside a shaken snow globe ~ leaves instead of snow, though. And it in the warm fall sunshine, a ginger colored kitten leapt and twirled, honing his hunting skills on the falling leaves, wide-eyed, pouncing here, spinning around to pounce over there. He made me laugh out loud.

Mary had a household sale last week, and I helped her out. I also bought an antique dresser with a mosaic piece across the front and inlaid veneers. The round mirror was etched. I think it is probably from the 30s. It's a very pretty piece, and will go nicely in the spare bedroom. We picked it up last night. We all stood at the back of the truck visiting after it was loaded, laughing in the dark. The unearthly sound of a screech owl wafted up close, from the other side of the road. That was a neat moment, too. The owls at our house simply hoot.

Last night, driving home in the dark, I listened to my husband talk, his face illuminated in the dim glow of the dashboard lights, and I thought to myself, "I don't want to be anywhere else but where I am right now, right this minute."

It was one of those ordinary days with extraordinary details.


Bill said...

I really like that kitten. I can just see it.

Wish I could photograph it.

Don't let those owls get near it!

BB said...

Ah - but you do extraordinary details in ordinary days better than anyone I know!!

Karen said...

God's beauty is everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to notice ... and to remind us all, Debby.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the hearing the owls. Play your screech owl call one night and I bet they will call back to you, even flying closer. It's an amazing experience. Julie

WhiteStone said...

The sound of the screech owl was So Cool! As for your last statement, "I don't want to be anywhere else but where I am right now, right this minute", you've got it, Girl! You've got the idea of Living! Living Now!

Kelly said...

Ahhh...I loves times like this!

Enjoyed listening to the screech owl. We have those down here along with barn owls, great horned and barred. I usually hear the "whowho-whowhoooooo" which is easy to call back to them. It's one of those comfort sounds for me, kinda like a train whistle in the distance.

Kayleigh said...

So beautifully written it sang!

Thanks for sharing this :)

jeanie said...

Just listened to that owl - wow, nothing like anything here!

Beautiful post.

PaintedPromise said...

what BB said... wow!