Friday, October 2, 2009

Flushing Taxpayer Dollars

Really, how often does this happen: that someone asks for your opinion on something when you've actually got an opinion to give?

I got a survey asking about my last experience at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). The little survey asked a number of questions. I did my best to answer them all completely.

First of all, they assured me that my satisfaction is their greatest concern. Then they went on to ask questions like: 'Was the building easy to find?' (My answer: 'Well, it stayed right where it was the last time I went. I like that in a building.')

'Did you like your picture?' (Dear heavens! I wrote: 'I had chemo. I had no hair. I had no eyebrows. I had no eyelashes. Add the steroid bloat, and basically, I looked nothing like myself. One employee said that I did not need my picture on my license. The other said I did. No one seemed interested enough to find out who was right. That is how Uncle Fester's picture came to be on my license. Am I happy about that? Er. Not so much.')

'Overall, were you happy with your license?' ('See above')

Was the staff knowledgeable? ('See above')

Were the restrooms clean? ('Don't know. I did not have to pee. Although I nearly crapped myself when I saw the picture. See above.')

Yeah. I had a good time with the survey. Here's the thing. We do not have a state budget. I lost my job due to budget cuts. I wonder how much that stupid little survey cost them? Way more than I make in a year, I'd warrant. Do you imagine that anything is going to change if every person in the state admits that they hate their driver's license photo? I also wonder about the fact that I had my license renewed in May, the letter was dated August 5th, and I received it sometime in September. Say it with me people: 'Government waste!'


Mrs. Spit said...

oh, doesn't that make you want to scream?

BB said...

Oh yeah... not to mention the TIME wasted on it. Surely they could have a complaints box for those so inclined, and let everyone get on with their lives?

Ya made me laugh though Deb... specially at Uncle Fester!! (Which you are NOT by the way!)

Scotty said...

Well, it stayed right where it was the last time I went. I like that in a building.

Chuckle - love your sense of humour, Debby.

Anonymous said...

You are one funny lady :)

Anonymous said...

I do love the comments for the survey. I wonder, Debby - is it anonymous? If not, I wonder if you will hear anything back? That would be quite a hoot!

steviewren said...

Thanks for starting my day with a belly laugh. How it would spice my day if I was the governmental recipient of your returned survey. I hope someone actually reads it....but wouldn't it just be like government to send them out, but due to budget cuts not have the manpower to actually read them when they are returned?

Kelly said...

I loved your answers!! I hate that I have to get a new picture every four years. My sister in TX says they can renew online (we can only do our tags that way in AR) and she's had the same picture for the past 10 or 15 years!!

Let us know if you get any feedback to your feedback.

Bill said...

That survey would annoy me, too.

I'm sorry that this chapter of your life must be spent on a fight such as this, but I think you are a tough lady with the will to fight such a battle.

Debby said...

The survey was anonymous. Until I put my name, address, and license number on it. I'm hoping for a nice consolation prize...a new license at no charge. The idea of toting Uncle Fester around for 4 years makes me unhappy. If not, I'll be losing that license shortly and applying for a replacement, which I'll have to pay for.

Ann aka ButDoctorIHatePink said...

Wow, you live in California too? Only something that stupid could happen here. (I hope.)

Anonymous said...

Loved your replies Deb. Done with your typical wit and humour which I love. Mostly I just file surveys in the bin unless they ask really good questions. And I usually just hang up with a 'sorry, I don't do this' on phone selling and surveys that invade my time without my permission. I think I have nearly fallen off their lists now which I don't fret over.

In one census here I filled in "Occupation" (the kids were all still at home) as Mother first, followed by my income producing ones, as I thought it was the most important. Now the Census gods only allow the main PAYING occupation to be entered! Obviously done by a man with a sterile home life.

Keep up the good replies! Barb