Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm almost afraid to say it, outright, for fear I will jinx it, but I'm feeling better. I started taking Omega-3 on the advice of Roland and Galya. I also, at the same time, began to take a glucosamine-chondroiten-MSM tablet, on the advice of Karen and countless others. This is my seventh day. Yesterday, I noticed that although my shoulder still hurt, it was a far cry from agony. I have slept the night through two nights in a row. Being rested is a big help, in and of itself. My joints still give me trouble and I still feel like I have a toothache in my shoulder, but now it is bearable. It has dropped to the point that my naturally high threshold of pain can again take over. Life has again resumed what passes for normal in my family. I even painted the bathroom.

I have a confession to make. This is the first time in my life that I've ever had to deal with anything like this. Except for migraines which have a beginning and ~blessedly~ an end), pain has never derailed my life before. I've felt poorly before, and I've had my share of aches and pains, but two weeks of constant and unrelenting pain was discouraging, and exhausting, and really, really hard. Trying to cope with all of this was a humbling experience, and the toughest two weeks I've endured since chemotherapy. Do you want to know why it was so humbling? Yesterday, I talked about that uncomfortable conversation at church. I'm not looking down my nose at anyone, believe me, because I also remember my own impatience, and my own unkind thoughts. My pet peeve? I had a hard time listening to people who bitched and moaned about their health, and how they were feeeeeeeeeeling, thinking to myself, 'Dear God, just suck it up already...' Suddenly, I was one of those people, and my own impatient thoughts have haunted me.

So I want to thank everyone who took the time to advise. Roland and Galya, Karen, everyone else, thank you. You appear to know whereof you speak. I also want to thank everyone who patiently waited me out as I bitched and moaned about my health and how I was feeeeeeeeeeling. Not one of you said, "Gees, just suck it up already!" So yes. Okay. You all are far better people than I... but I've learned a valuable life lesson here.

*casts eyes to the sky*

Really, God, I swear to you, I've learned this lesson. It's been engraved upon my heart, and if it is all the same to You, lets skip any reviews. Amen.


Paula said...

Hi Debby - I am really pleased to hear you are feeling better.

Thanks for your comments on my site - so encouraging at what feels like a long journey at the moment!

Best wishes - Paula

steviewren said...

Been there, done that. I do not like God's brand of comeuppance for me...cause He is always so right.

Glad you are feeling better.

jeanie said...

Hey there - that is excellent news.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have noticed that I am feeling better already not even a week after starting on the omega 3 so thanks to reading in your blog I am not so achy even after doing my workout at Curves yesterday and riding one of my horses last evening.Thanks to your friend who suggested omega 3!Debbie L.

Karen said...

I'm really gald that you're feeling better, and yes, a good night's sleep is a wonder drug! Hope that your doctor's appointment went well the other day, too.

I just got off the phone after scheduling my next round of tests: DEXA scan and the wonderful MRI. ... See, you're not the only one moaning and complaining (although I don't think that your do)! It comes with the territory! LOL!

Take care, and again, good to hear that the pain is much more tolerable!

Also, thanks for commenting on my blog -- that always makes me smile! Have a good day!

PaintedPromise said...


Anonymous said...

I take omega 3 and my pain has gone way down and I think that is the reason.

WhiteStone said...

I haven't dealt with the pain that you have, but my joints have been acting up lately. I felt really, really good for the first couple months post-chemo, but now they are playing catch-up. Just minor aches, especially after sitting in one place for awhile. I've heard others mention the same...the post-chemo joint pain. So I'm trying the glucosamine, too. Hope it works for you and for me, too. And, yeah, cancer has caused me to have a lot more compassion for others. I'm grateful for that. I really am.

Roland said...


That glucosawhatsit is a good tip. I forgot about that stuff!

I'm glad things are helping the pain. ...and please let me know what I can do to help. Please?


Hal Johnson said...

Sheesh, I'm sure glad you're feeling better. And yep, that Roland knows some stuff. Ten years ago, my pinky fingers started getting stiff and sore for no known reason. I started taking glucosamine, and the stiffness and soreness have never come back.

Bush Babe said...

Glucosamine totally takes the edge of my knee issues.. I am just hopeless at remembering to TAKE anything... glad to hear you pain has dropped in intensity.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I don't know what happens, sometimes. Before I went to bed this morning, I typed out a nice little comment here and I thought I posted it - but, it's not here!

I haven't the energy or will to do it again, but, despite all the adversity, I think you are standing up to it all very well.

Daria said...

Good stuff! I hope you feel even better tomorrow.

Redlefty said...


I'm glad things are improving, but whatever you do, don't ask Roland for advise on hair care!

Debby said...

Bill, I imagine that it was a nice little comment. You have a history of that, unlike say, me, who has the unfortunate history of roving blog to blog and leaving wise cracks everywhere.

Redlefty? Roland? Is there are story about hair care here? Not that I have a great deal of hair to care for, but really I do love a story.

Everyone else, thanks. I did sleep another night through (that's three in a row). I probably should not have painted the bathroom yesterday. I woke up in the night gasping "Tim...Tim! Help me move my arm..." He did. I dozed back off again almost instantly. I am sore today, but a bearable thing, and just to be obstinate, put a second coat on the bathroom.

I'm a hard person to outstubborn.

Redlefty said...

Roland's been shaving his head for a year or two now, and you're not looking to return to that hairless state anytime soon from what I gather.

p.s. -- Your package arrived. Thank you thank you!