Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I type every day. I don't think about it. Everyone who hears me clacking away says things like, "Man! You are fast." I received word that I might be testing for a job. Part of that testing is a typing test. Minimum to be hired is 45 WPM. "Piece o' cake," thought I. Filled with all that confidence, I've been taking some online typing tests. On one site, I type between 43 and 50 WPM. On another, I type between 50 and 58. After about 20 typing tests, I wonder how in the world people can possibly enjoy computer games. I'm totally stressed, sweating even, shaking and short of breath. Probably goggle eyed and red faced too.

Off to play in the happy land of medical terminology. Good heavens. I haven't much time to totally annihilate any remaining self confidence I have.


Sherry said...

Deep breaths, deep breaths!! Don't knock yourself out -- just remember that you can do it and when the time comes you'll be fine. Seriously!!

BB said...

You will be fine... no luck needed!

jeanie said...

Noone can type medical terminology at 45 words per minute - some of those words should be 4 or 5 words in one anyway.

You will be fine - either it will happen or it won't - and if it does, fantastic, and if it don't, watch for the other door that has opened.

There are some fun "games" for typing out there, fun typing tests, not so much.

Kelly said...

I have confidence in you!

PaintedPromise said...

oh boy that is the thing i am NOT looking forward to about finding a new job... my heart goes out to you Deb!