Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, one day of waiting is down. I've only got 1-2 days left to wait. I'll give the surgeon's office a call this afternoon. Just to see if they have the results.

Karen called to see how I was doing. She's been having health problems of her own, and testing so far has only showed them what it isn't. She's understandably frustrated at this point. Then she remembered who she was talking to and got embarrassed. "I probably sound ridiculous complaining..." she said. "Not so much," I said. "A life disruption is a life disruption, no matter what name it has." Her life has been disrupted by this mystery. Shoot. If she doesn't think I complain, long and loud, she needs to come read this blog for a while.

I also called Painted Promise. I'd never spoken to her before, and it was nice. I have promised myself one 'treat' each day, while I tick these days off, something to look forward to at the end of it, when Tim's at work and I'm sitting home by myself. Now technically, with the plants and the phone call (we pay one price for long distance so that is an affordable luxury), I treated myself twice yesterday, self indulgent heathen that I am. Of course, yesterday, I also fell off the flipping front porch. (again...) Stupid ankle just gives out with no warning at all, and I'm sitting on the lawn clutching my foot trying not to cry. (I am sure this gives the neighbors something to gossip about, but seriously, I finished the last of the wine off last Thursday). Based on that, why I think I was due this extra self indulgence. Justification is a wunnerful thing, innit?

I think that I might be getting a little better about this waiting game. At least learning how to wait and hold on to your final shred of sanity.


Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, so you are still waiting? We just got back from a few days away and I just had to check you out straight away. I am holding my breath for you and praying for a good outcome. And of course you give me laughter instead in your last few posts. How typical and wonderful of you!
Sending you love always Barb

WhiteStone said...

It's good that you are a bonafide dedicated daily blogger since we're on pins and needles waiting for your scan results. Of course, we're praying for definitely good results. As for your comment.. "At least learning how to wait and hold on to your final shred of sanity".. Take a rest today and let us hold on to it for you. We'll hand it back whenever you need it. (smile)

Debby said...

Plllt, Whitestone. Once I hand off my sanity, I'll probably forget where I left it, and never be around to claim it again. Then where would I be?


Probably not much farther gone than I already am.

Barb, welcome home! Tell 'Hop-a-long' I said hullo!

Jill said...

Debby...thanks for your comments on my blog. I really , really hope you get your results soon. I am still waiting...darned back logs. Oh well, I think we have learned how to be patient...NOT, lol.
Have a great day :)

PaintedPromise said...

wow Debby it was so GOOD to talk to you... Wiley says hello again ;)