Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ay yi yi

Yeah. We do have our moments. I'm not sure what kind of a moment the charming Ms. Denney is having (see above), but she doesn't look like she ever yells at her husband when she's having 'her moment'.Poor Tim. I yelled at him. And then I felt so badly I cried, and couldn't stop apologizing. He began to give me sidelong looks, as if perhaps my head was about to spin 360 degrees. Do you suppose Ms. Denney's head ever turned 360 degrees? Probably not. *sigh* That is why 'my moments' are not advertised. They are not charming. And I'm not from Philadelphia. Those two things.

I did call the surgeon's office. My PET scan is in. I can expect a call this afternoon. Those darn office managers in doctor's offices...they're inscrutable. Not even a hint. Not the slightest clue.

I really should get to doing something...


Anonymous said...

Love the blog today. Needless to say I've been there too. Chemo put me into early menopause and my poor hubby and kids reaped the unfortunate side effects. I've done a lot of apologizing too. You are not alone, Debby. Said another prayer for you this afternoon.

Kerry Osborne

RedWifey said...

Could you ask the surgeon if he knows when my baby's coming? I'm getting tired of waiting too!

Sending hugs and well wishes and prayers!

Mrs. Spit said...

I find screaming at construction workers to be highly theraputic!