Friday, August 7, 2009

Quiet Time?

I've been using this quiet time wisely. Tim and I went to see Asia and Yes. This was not at all quiet, but it was great fun. Steve Howe looks like a cadaver, but the man can rock. Being with both bands, he played for three hours straight. He actually seemed to gather energy as the show went on, and he is a remarkable guitar player. I am not a big 'drum solo' fan, but Asia's drummer did a trick where he was drumming without his hand on the stick. The crowd went screaming nuts every time it showed up on the jumbotron. Although Yes had two new members, the sound was the same, and it was an excellent show.

We have company, so it is fun to reminisce and talk, quite a change from the months of coming home from work to an empty and silent house (Tim and I work different shifts). Cara is home and last night, I fell asleep to the sound of her friends gathered around a camp fire, chattering into the darkness.

Saturday, my old friend (maybe better to say 'long time' friend) Mary and I will go to a women's retreat.

Tim and I are building a rose trellis.

My shoulder aches, and the pain has moved into my arm and into my back. I wonder if this is simply my imagination. It is a strange place to be...anxious for this month to be done, to have the scan done, to know, for once and for all, what I am up against, but, on the same token, holding onto these golden moments, willing them to never, ever end.


Kelly said...

The concert sounds great! You know, Steve Howe has always looked a little that way...even in his younger days. But you're right....that man can play the guitar!!!! I've always thought his talent was unappreciated in the rock world. Was Wakeman's son part of the Yes band?

Still praying for you and know you will be glad when the month comes to an end and you can get that scan done.

jeanie said...

I have no idea of anything about those bands, but glad you had a good time.

Enjoy the retreat. Worry is normal. Worrying about worry is normal.

Us wishing we could take away your worry is normal - but not possible, I know.

Rhubarb Whine said...

Lovely to 'see' you post and know you are travelling OK. Be well and enjoy the retreat. May be just what your soul needs. xx

Caroline said...

Hi Debbie! The waiting is the worst! It sounds like you are keeping busy and entertained. The waiting and stewing - wait, is that more cancer, that's a new pain, OMG, its everywhere - can easily drive you crazy. If you are having problems sleeping, I suggest you talk to your doctor now about something so you can sleep. Good luck to you and I'm thinking of you.

Bush Babe said...

What kind of roses are you planning to plant? My Mum is the best rose grower I know (she occasionally makes an emergency stop at Granite Glen to give CPR to the ones she planted out here!).

Love the mental image of your drifting to sleep with the happy murmur of your daughter and friends to lull you...

steviewren said...

I dropped by tonight because I was thinking of you. I'm glad your time has been filled with fun and loved ones.