Friday, July 24, 2009


It is Friday. This week has been hectic and rainy. There's work, and then I've got company coming at some point, so have been cleaning like a crazy woman. Looking for a new job. Waiting for biopsy results. Even two hours at the court house to give my testimony in a case where I was rear ended two years ago. Physically, I'm dragging, mentally, I'm spent.



*hobbles off to make coffee*


Lesley said...

I agree with you Deb... TGIF!!!!!! It's been hectic here too and is going to be for the next couple weeks. Mom is worried that I'm going to wear myself out and end up sick again but I told her I feel fine. If I get tired or worn out, I'll stop and relax. That's one thing I definitely learned... to listen to my body a lot better!! LOL. We both just have to remember that we aren't Wonder Woman and do need to take time to just slow down and take the easy road for a bit. Take it easy on yourself today. Enjoy your company when they get there. Keep your chin up and have a great day!! *Hugs*

Alison said...

Enjoy your coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush Babe said...

WHY are you cleaning like a madwoman?? Please - that kind of behaviour is perfectly allowable when stressed-out Aussie chicks with zero organisational ability get SURPRISE visitors... woman, you do not fit the criteria. STOP already. Chill. Get a good movie or a book and let that body of yours relax(and your mind and emotions quit the flurry and settle down with it).

I promise nothing terrible will happen because you stopped a while. (Don't MAKE me come over there!)

WhiteStone said...

I worry a LOT LESS about housekeeping than I used to and I told DH our house is beginning to look like an "old person's" house, you know, a tad dusty, papers piled on the table, etc. Who cares. We ARE old (heh-heh). (Older than any of you....)

Lydia said...

I am so RIGHT THERE! At least there is coffee.. It never fails me. *walks toward the kitchen with an empty cup in hand*

quid said...


Rough week in my part of Florida.