Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It rained a lot today. I actually got soaked to the skin. I was freezing, and it was miserable. I'm having a pretty hard time with the tamoxifen. My joints ache a lot. I really try to 'suck it up' as the saying goes, but I discovered today that when you are soaked and freezing, the aches are way, way worse. I felt like I was a hundred years old by the time this day ended, hobbling to my traps in the rain. I actually ached so badly I was nauseous. For the first time, I really found myself worrying about how I am going to deal with this stuff in the winter.

It rained so hard at times that I was nervous about driving. Naturally, my traps were set at the most far flung points of the county. Flash flood alerts were coming regularly over the radio. Rushing water had carved deep ditches along the side of some roads. I picked up my last trap and headed back to the office, heater on high, teeth chattering. I had a choice between the low road (shorter, but remote, along side the river) or the high road (longer, but more houses and black top road). I decided to take Super Tramp's advice. I took the long way home. After stopping by the office to check e-mails and to pick up supplies, I came home and ditched the wet clothes immediately, climbed into a steamy hot shower. I thought that I would never feel warm again. I counted bugs in my pajamas, with a hot cup of tea. I feel much better. I love my job. Usually. Today was a rare exception.

If I want to count blessings today, I'd have to be most grateful for a sister who doesn't mind me stopping by her place to bellow in the door "HEY! Can I use your bathroom?" She's not only hospitable about the bathroom part, she had a hot cuppa waiting for me before I left. Nothing like a hot drink to warm your insides on a miserable day. Is summer ever going to get here?

And BB, believe me, my dear, if there was a way to send this weather to you, I'd do it in a minute. The skies are getting dark again, and the thunder is a-rumbling. Looks like we're due some more rain.

*shivers, and hobbles back out to the kitchen to heat another cup of water*


Kelly said...

Well, we finally got some rain today and I welcomed it...despite the mess it creates with dogs & puppies. I've welcomed the cooler temps, too. If I could send you our 100+ degree days I would!

Glad you took the long way home (and yes, it will be running through my head the rest of the evening!).

Lydia said...

OK Deb, I love that you can count bugs in your pajamas. I never thought that I would see that phrase anywhere. LOL

Hope you warm up and are feeling better.

Debby said...

Lydia. Lol'ed myself. No. The bugs were not IN my pajamas. I was. Too funny.

Bush Babe said...

I took a while to work that one out too Deb... I'm a bit slow and wondered why you would be bothering to COUNT bugs crawling round inside your PJs. Duh!

And yes, please send rain our way... we are downright dusty and sepia here!!!

WhiteStone said...

It almost made ache and shiver to read about your day! Hope you had a good and restful sleep last evening. Checked your weather forecast and it doesn't look as if it's going to warm up soon! What happened to summer?

Lesley said...

Well Deb... if you can't get that ole fan working enough to blow the rain clear down to BB... see if it'll blow just hard enough to get it to my side of the dam. All it did over here was get dark and thunder a little bit with drizzling rain, didn't even get a good down pour. We didn't get any real rain... and I desperately need it to refill my pool!!! LOL Sprinkles just aren't gonna do it!!! *Pout* Not that it's been warm enough to get into that pool.. but it's down below the intake for the water so we can't run the filter... which means it's just getting stagnant, which means mosquitos... which means.... awww heck, you know the rest! haha. Hope you've warmed up. Am very glad about the pathology report. I saw the 2 tumors part and my heart stopped but then was relieved to see they were both benign. How bout no more scares for a while!!! I haven't had the tamoxifin yet, not sure if I will or not, but I know with the Taxol, when I was getting the full dosages of it, 3 days later my joints would hurt (hips, knees, feet) to the point of having to take pain killers and was in bed for 2 days cause it hurt so much to try to get up to walk. They said it was a normal side effect tho. But since he lowered my dosage and I have to take it every week now, I don't seem to hurt thankfully. Keep your chin up, lots of thoughts and prayers are comin your way!!! *Hugs*
(and Mom too if ya wanna get technical LOL)
PS - you should start a facebook account :)

PaintedPromise said...

if you figure out how to send rain... we need some here too!!