Friday, July 24, 2009

Speaking on Cancer

I have an acquaintance who is slated to give a speech on Monday night, about cancer. I'm so proud of her. As a breast cancer survivor, she's qualified to give the talk. However, instead of the made-for-television-docudrama type speech, she's been collecting positive thoughts on cancer. She contacted me by e-mail for permission to use some of my thoughts. 'Sure', I said.

And so Susan's talk will be about cancer, and learning to face one day at a time, not to look too far down the road, about the fact that cancer is life changing, life transforming even. We become wiser. We love better, we prioritize better, we live more consciously. It is faith-growing. It is a building block to a whole new life. Make no mistake about it, cancer is tough stuff, but the blessings are there, and they are abundant.

I'm so proud of Susan to use this opportunity so wisely. It's a terrifying thing to hear the initial cancer diagnosis. All the bad things come to mind immediately. The most comforting words anyone can hear are these: "You've got cancer. It is going to be hard, but you're going to learn some of the most amazing lessons of your life. Buckle yourself in, the ride is about to begin."


Mrs. Spit said...

I wonder if all profound experiences are like that. I've certainly learned more about life since Gabe died.

Bush Babe said...

The beauty of wisdom... sounds wonderful and wise to me, but I have never been diagnosed with cancer. I so hope they give hope to those at the start of the journey...