Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm shocked (SHOCKED!)

Well, that darn Bush Babe has done it. She posted a story about one of their cattle, a Hereford. Here's a Hereford. My grandpa always kept a handful of Herefords, so I have a special fondness for them. They bring back memories. This is a Hereford.
I was surprised to see that people in Oz call white faced cattle 'bawly'. I wondered why. I mean Herefords bawl alot, but really, I wasn't aware that they 'bawled' any more than any other breed of cattle. I began to wonder. Are Brangus cattle stoic, the 'Clint Eastwood' of cattle? Are Herefords the emotionally overwrought of the cattle kingdom? I asked. Bush Babe, in betwixt her cattle midwifery and visits from emotionally overwrought sisters with child, Great Dane puppies and two children of her own, did not answer my question. I understand that. She had her hands full.

I bought two fish for my ornamental pond. One was white. One was orange with a white face. See picture of Hereford (above). I named the white one 'Ghostly' right off, but staring at the white faced one, I decided to call him 'Bawly'. I dumped them both in the pond and have not seen fin nor scale of them since. (I have also not seen them floating at the top of the water...surely that is a good sign?)

Come to find out, BB's lovely mother, Anonymous, explained it to me. In Oz, white faced cattle are referred to as 'Bawldy', not 'Bawly'. Well, dammit. I have already christened this fish 'Bawly'. Changing the name now will only confuse him. Bawly he will remain, despite the fact that I haven't heard any sobbing from the pond. (although that would be some assurance that I still have something living out there....)

I will post pictures, Kelly. When I finish the waterfall. When I get the rest of the plants planted. Really I will. As for the fish posing? Yeah. I spent $14. on two fish that I've not seen since. 'Bawly' realizing that he is misnamed refuses to show his face. Just see what you've done, BB!

I have a doctor's appointment at 11. I am procrastinating. Why in the world, after dealing with breast cancer, am I still worried about looking stupid and overanxious? Any prudent person would have the lump checked out. I don't 'get' me sometimes. Maybe I should name myself 'Bawly'.


WhiteStone said...

I gave up worrying about looking "stupid and overanxious". In order that I don't forget my questions (THEN I would feel stupid) I write them down and I check them off as they are answered. I figure "overanxious" translates to "prudent and pre-emptive". Wait! Maybe that's "preventive". You know your body best and they can miss what you already have observed. So you need to bring even the oddest thing to their attention. I wish I'd pressed more the issue of the nighttime discomfort up under my ribs...mighta caught my cancer earlier. Instead I mentioned it in a wimpy way that was ineffective in terms of the doc hearing what I was saying. Be bold.

Kelly said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to the pictures! Hope Bawly and companion show up for the photo session.

Waiting anxiously (and lifting up prayers as I type since you should be there right now) to hear about your doctor visit.

jeanie said...

Goodness, this emotionally overwrought woman here is bawly enough without your balderdash woman!!

(BTW - the baby will be henceforth - until I change my mind - be known as "Bauldric" just to confuse you)

Best wishes for your doctors visit, and starvation will bring fish to the surface (eventually)...

Bush Babe said...

Sheesh... first I get the blame for my sister being unable to sleep on my too-fluffy pillows, now my mis-spellings are causing havoc with the self-confidence of ornamental fish. My power to cause grief is apparently limitless.

And Deb... quit the procrastination, woman. *cracks whip*. The ostrich approach helps no-one!

Bush Babe said...

PS We don't actually have Herefords. We have one Hereford-Brahman-Angus cross cow - a black bawldy (sp!). Just so as the facts are accurate here! My father gave up breeding Herefords about 50 years ago... they aren't tough enough for our part of the world!

Debby said...

Shoot, BB. I don't think I'm tough enough for your part of the world. Seeing one goanna or one ten foot snake would do me in, sister! You'd all be calling me 'Bawly'. And, yes, I am a little in awe of your ability to wreak havoc and mayhem.

Jeanie, are you saying that when they starve to death, their little bodies will float to the surface. Is that what you're saying?

*chin quivers, just the tiniest bit*

jeanie said...

No, dear, I am saying that they are hungry enough to stop stuffing you around and BEG for food.


Love ya.

quid said...

My dad and his brother raised Herefords as their "second jobs" on a small ranch down the road from our house. The pic takes me back, Debby!


PaintedPromise said...

invisible fish! lol i have them too... bought EIGHT to replace those that had died in the horse trough and have not seen them yet either! until the other day they came to the top! :)

but i hadn't seen any floaters so i figured they were down in the bottom catching up on the algae and i guess that was it!