Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, I've got a biopsy Monday at one. While the oncologist does not think that it's anything serious, he doesn't know what it is. It's far enough away from any incisions that I'm doubtful about scar tissue. It's tender, and I can feel it when I move my arm, which makes me think that it wasn't always there, or I'd have noticed it before. He says it doesn't feel like a lymph node. "I hate to sound dramatic, but I'd like a biopsy," I said, and he was okay with that. I walked out of there not feeling stupid. That's always a bonus, for me.

Cara said, "Are you worried?" I said, "Ya know, I've been thinking. Whenever I worry about something, it almost always turns out to be nothing. The stuff that really turns my life upside down are the things that I don't worry about, the things that I never even saw coming."

Fully expect that the comical Dr. K will be right. It won't be anything serious. I hope.


Kelly said...

I have confidence it won't be anything serious.

Caroline said...

Oh, biopsy me baby! (That should be a song title or something.) I always want a biopsy just so I know about things. If its just another little hole in me to prove that it is okay, the peace of mind is completely worth it. Its nice to hear your doctor doesn't think its anything serious. Good luck with your results.

Bush Babe said...

Good woman. You have done what you can, to set your mind at rest. Enjoy the weekend (and don't watch too many Michael Jackson tributes... those things'll make ya bawl!).

Daria said...

Good job asking for a biopsy ... clear it up once and for all.

Don't you feel stupid in the least, you are looking after yourself and that is one thing we ladies don't always want to do.

Bob said...

I'm hoping right there with you . . . and will look forward to hearing the results.

Pam said...

You're in my prayers. Keep us posted!