Thursday, July 16, 2009

FYI, Cara

Darling Cara.

How I do love you. Just a note though. Never leave a message on a parent's answering machine that says, in a high pitched voice, "Help, help, help, oh my God, please call me back, call me back." And if you do leave a message like that on a parent's answering machine, NEVER leave a second one. By the time your half awake mother manages to find the phone, her heart might have stopped. Glad you're okay, and tell your brother thanks.



For every parent out there who has nearly had their hearts stop simply reading this, by the time I located the phone and called her back, it was all under control. "Hey, Mom, how are you feeling? Are you in pain? Oh. My wheel fell off while I was driving down the highway. Dylan's on his way, right now. I'm okay. I had to fork out for a tow truck. Are you taking it easy and following the doctor's instructions?"

The babbling sounds heard next were mine.


Karen said...

That is one of those moments that fits in the "never a dull moment" catagory. Glad to hear that she and her car are okay. What a blessing to have a brother like Dylan close.

Hope you have a speedy recovery and a peaceful weekend.

Mary Paddock said...

One of those moments where you get to choose between strangling and hugging. :)

I am so very relieved to hear that the mass is probably nothing. I've been praying for you since you posted about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I so feel your pain there. My heart would have stopped too!

Amy said...

im sorry, but i laughed out loud at that message! omg. glad everything worked out ok. my cousin Dave in sheboygan wisconsin is a harley guy. he could be in a hells angel movie, but he is the most kind hearted good man. he saved dogs hit by cars, put deer out thier misery that had been hit, and would have paid for you daughters car if she needed it. sometimes you have to trust. your gut will let you know

PaintedPromise said...

boy did this bring back memories...

one from each, i've gotten a call in tears that they were in an accident... their fault... luckily each time it was only the car that was damaged and not any people...

so three times being the charm, i'm done now right?????

PS yes i did it to my parents too {sigh}