Friday, July 17, 2009


I am not sure what is up with blogger today, but it won't let me rearrange pictures. So we'll start with this one: Another robin's nest on our back porch. I'm so glad about that. I missed the first flight of the last batch because I was sick. I get a second chance though, and that makes me really, really happy. I almost cried when I saw the new nest and I had to go get the camera to take a picture.

Now on to an altogether different topic:

I've got plans to travel, when things settle down. I plan to go out west and see Susan, and Mikey. Mikey's mom too. They've been great allies during this whole cancer thing. One thing that Mikey sent me that I view each and every day (it is on my door). "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." It's my motto. She sent me a book about wisdom, and about trusting yourself, and God. It was a dandy. There were other things. Her mother sent me a luxurious bath set, and you know, I saved it. All through the winter, I saved it, and occasionally, I'd uncap one of the bottles and breathe deep, but I wanted to save it, for when I had hair, for when I was on the other side of all of this, for a special treat to celebrate. And so I did, and the leisurely soak was gooooood. Susan sent a box too. I keep two things from that box on my bedside table. One is a Mr. Bean Pez Dispenser, which never fails to make me grin. The other thing is a wood carved bird. I saved the stones that she sent with the stones that I've collected, and all of these things just make me sure that, one day, I'm going to end up in Arizona to meet my friends in person. (Note to all of 'em: I don't want to play with rattlesnakes.)

Another bunch that I'm going to meet is the crew from Granite Glen. Bush Babe and her sister Jeanie have been on my blog roll for a long time, and it has been great fun following their journeys through their blog. Amazingly, one of the first e-mails I got when I was diagnosed with cancer was from their lovely mother who had her own bout with breast cancer. Furthermore, being a pharmacist, Barb was a wealth of information to me. I told them quite early on that someday, after this was all done, I planned raise a glass with the women of Granite Glen. I've already got the glasses. Here's the picture that I promised, ages and ages ago.
Aren't they exquisite? They are handblown glass. I've had them since the end of chemo. I saw them when I went to visit Dylan in Allentown. Being practical, I talked myself out of them. Cara had a fit when she heard, and the following weekend, when she went to visit her brother for spring break, she picked them up for me. I am glad for my impulsive daughter.

The best thing that you can do for yourself when you are in the middle of some damn thing like cancer is to begin to plan for your future. All winter, I looked at that bathset, and I planned for the future. All spring, I looked at those wine glasses, and I planned for the future. Now it's summer, and I'm planning to watch the robins. (This time I'll get pictures, BB.) Big plans, small plans, it doesn't matter. I have a future, and I've got plans.


Bush Babe said...

Oh WOW!!!!! Wow, wow, wow. Wow to the robin's nest. Wow to the glasses (I bags the yellow one!). Wow to your plans. I rang Jeanie as soon as I read that bit. Big plans indeed.


Debby said...

Okay. The yellow is yours. You can't tell, because the trees are so green, but the glass in the way back is green.

Debby said...

Except the yellow one is more of a peachy orange color. Is that the one you wanted?

Lydia said...

Yea you! It is always good to look forward, especially during a difficult time.

I can't wait to see pics of all of you ladies raising your glasses at Granite Glen.

Bush Babe said...

PS Blogger hasn't let me rearrange pics the 'old' way (by dragging them) for a while now... I have to go into HTML to change them... scary for this programming nitwit!!

PPS I don't actually mind which glass I get - as long as the parties involved are all the same, I will be ecstatic! But seeing as how I come from a family of competitive individuals, thought I'd jump in first!!!

Mikey said...

What? No rattlesnakes for you? Bah!
Seriously, love those robin's eggs. Those are SO pretty. You are so blessed.
And you get out here soon. We'd come visit, but who would feed the horses? You know, we should do a house swap. We'll spend a week in the woods and you spend a week scooping poop! Doesn't that sound like a good time?! lol
Seriously, I'll keep a good horse here ready for ya. Both of you!! We can't wait!!!

jeanie said...

Oh yay!! I look forward to vicariously watching the birdies take flight, but I look forward moreso to the raising a glass with you in the future...

See, I never even knew Blogger had photo arrangement issues - because (a) I have a thing about very few photos, and (b) I only ever write in HTML and so never had any problem.

I can try to explain it if you want...

Tracey said...

The robins next ot so cute, i never even knew they laid blue eggs! i've learnt something new.

I have to ask.. What is a pez dispenser?

the glasses are gorgeous and its great to here the future is rosey xx

PaintedPromise said...

LOL Mikey what a great excuse... and what a great idea! Trading... hhmmmm. I'd even spray your mosquitos Deb, if you come scoop out my stalls ;)

i'm gonna go home and tell the donks you are coming for a visit! then you HAVE to come because they will HEEEEEEE HAAAAWWW until you do!!! i talk to them about you... as i do about everything in my life. hey, they have BIG ears, they listen good ;) so anyway, they know who you are. and they are happy to hear when things are going good for you :)