Thursday, July 30, 2009

Found 'em.

Cara got her heart broke this summer. "Guys should come with a warning label right on their forheads: 'Don't get serious about this one, he's not a keeper...' " She was crying hard enough as she said it that I didn't want to laugh out loud, but the first thing I thought is "Well, if they did, I would never had married your father, and there would never have been a you..." I can't wait until she's home and I can hug her and treat her to good coffee. (Caffeine freaks are always comforted by good coffee.) Broken hearts are no fun at all.

I found the dog bones. I stuck 'em with the stack of paper plates. Completely logical, perfectly sensible. (I keep telling myself)


Lydia said...

So glad you found the bones. Hope Cara finds all the pieces of her heart again.

Oh, and I agree with her about the lable thing. Not a bad idea.

Bush Babe said...

Sorry... gotta try those losers so you really understand the full value of the real deal when they come along. Cause sometimes that 'real deal' can be hiding in a guise you might overlook initially. Harsh but true. Sorry for the ache though... that bit sucks.

PaintedPromise said...

what Bush Babe said... even though it sucks! believe me, i spent 20 years going through bad men including the fathers of my children... yes plural there were 2 :( but if not for all that bad, i doubt i would have recognized or appreciated the great guy i have now! no he's not perfect but he is a great guy...

hang in there Cara, it seems impossible sometimes but there ARE nice men out there!

and Deb - i'm sorry but i am ROFL about the dog biscuits... but i am laughing WITH you not AT you because i have CRS too!!!!