Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Wedding

A small country chapel housed the most beautiful wedding ceremony I have seen for a while. My nephew Tommy vowed to walk beside his wife and hold her hand. He also vowed that when times were hard, when things got rough, that he would hold on to her with both hands. Made me cry.

This cat led the couple safely through the bubbles. Don't know whose cat he was, but he seemed to know what he was doing, alright. It's hard not to follow a cat when he carries himself with such authority. Aren't they purty? And happy? And...oh. Crap. Let me get some tissues.
I tried to tell them how glad I was for them and...well...I cried. Carrie said, "Oh, don't...we both made it through without crying..."

The weather got horrible. By the time that we got to the reception, the skies were black, the lights were flickering, and the staff was posted at all the windows looking for funnel clouds.
Our very best wishes, Tommy and Carrie. Obligatory photo of darling flower girl (my greatniece). I can't help myself. It's what I do. I got to hold my other niece, little Abby Joy. Her parents and grandparents were out on the floor shaking their booty. Abby Joy and I boogied on the sideline. Sorry, I did not get a picture of her. It was pretty dark, and our camera does not do dark. Well. Probably it does, but I suck at pictures. Sorry about your luck, because I am telling you people, it was beautiful.


WhiteStone said...

Weddings are so full of joy! Congrats to Tommy and Carrie as they begin a new life together. Thanks for sharing the photos!

RedWifey said...

Don't you worry about crying! I cried today at the wedding on my soap opera today! Can you tell I'm pregnant!? ha!

Bush Babe said...

I forgot to compliment the awesome effort at photos in this post!!! Love it when I get to view a little of your world... timber country chapels, glowing brides and cats stalking pathways. Fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh shoot, you made me cry just reading this. It was a beautiful wedding wasn't it. Tommy was so happy that you guys were able to be there. Their vows were so special and they are so happy!