Monday, June 22, 2009

Yep. Okay.

Our computer is old, and although we have DSL, it still is frustratingly slow. We got it from Walmart back when Dylan was a junior in high school, braving crowds at the Walmart on 'black Friday'. There was an awesome sale, and we were trying to replace a ten year old computer. Doing the math, this makes our current computer nearly seven years old. Now since our family tends to keep everything until it falls apart (Tim's car has 173K miles on it, mine not a lot less), I expected to be grumbling at my computer for a few more years yet. It's just our way.

Saturday, we went baby Brady's christening. When we got home, I downloaded the pictures from the camera to the computer to send them to all of the kids. It took me 14 minutes to get the pictures to download. It took me another quarter of an hour to attach them to the e-mail, and then I clicked 'send' and sat down to watch a movie with Tim. Somewhere between the beginning and the end of the movie, it sent. I knew it would take a while.

Tim began talking about the television. Since the switchover to digital, we don't get anything but PBS. This was news to me. I only watch TV on Saturday night, and that is when we watch our PBS line up, so I hadn't noticed. We have the converter box, because our TV is old. Tim was wondering whether we should invest in a new aerial. Maybe just get a new TV. We discussed cable, and satellite, but in the end, decided that really, neither of us watch enough TV to warrant spending the money. That kind of surprised me. We watched TV when the kids were home, but now, I guess we're just too busy with other stuff to think about it. I made the statement that if we were going to spend money on something, I'd rather have a new computer. Tim ruefully agreed.

I came home tonight, and guess what? We have a new computer! It's a Dell, an All in One. Flat screen monitor. Really, the amazing thing is that there is so little to it. I looked at our old one, with the tower, with the printer and the speakers and the mouse, and wires every where. I looked at the new one and thought "Where's the rest of it?" It's amazing. It has a remote control. Not sure what that's for.

I talked to Cara. I told her about the new computer. She said, "WHAT???? You guys got a new computer. A flat screen? Dylan! They just bought a new computer," and she began relaying the specifics. I could hear Dylan in the background making comments. "I KNOW!" Cara said to her brother. "They're going to a real concert, and they got a new computer. They're just leaping into the 21st century." To me, she said, "The next time I talk to you, you'll be telling me that you both have Blackberries. Man. You're getting all cool and stuff." "Yep," I answered. "Getting you kids out of the house was a major step up in the world of cool for us."


We got a new computer. It looks pretty sharp. Wireless keyboard and mouse. No tower. It is behind the flat screen monitor. Speakers all built in. I guess that I should hook it up, maybe. That means taking this one apart. Setting up the new one.

*blinks nervously*

Okay. I'm going to do it. Thing is, I'm not all that technically proficient, so if you never hear from me again, well, understand that 'my leap into the 21st century (as Cara would phrase it)' was not successful, that I have fallen into the abyss of technical chaos and confusion. You can pretty much figure that if you don't hear from me in a week, that I am curled up into a fetal position, wide-eyed and sucking my thumb.

See ya.
I hope.
*fades to black*


WhiteStone said...

Well, that gave me a good chuckle. You'll love out fast you can load photos. I take the card out of my camera, stick in in the computer, and Voila! There they are! I hope you have a camera that has a card/stick. heh-heh

Bush Babe said...

You'll be fine honey... just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!!!

Kelly said...

Congrats on the new computer!! I use a laptop (lifespan not as long as a desktop) and mine is about to begin its fifth year of life. (Yes, I've purchased an external hard drive to back up stuff I don't want to lose) I wish I had DSL (or Cable). I'm just far enough in the sticks (barely) that I can't get either. So... it was a thrill when we made the jump to satellite rather than dial-up. Not as fast as true hi-speed, but a heck of a lot better than dial-up.

I'd pick my computer over TV any day in the week!!!

Lavinia said...


mac said...

I was just looking about and found your thing here.

I like the musical selections you've provided us. I'm listening to Silver Mountain now :-)

If you ever figure out that remote, let us know?
I've got one for my car radio. I drive a Dodge pick-up. It's kind of big, but still, I don't sit far enough away from the danged radio to warrant a remote. Go figure?

PaintedPromise said...

what Kelly said: "I'd pick my computer over TV any day in the week!!!"

and wow Deb don't you just LOVE the flat screen? i adore mine... no more big clunky monitor!!

quid said...

oooooooooo Hope you are enjoying it! I got one two years ago, and replacing a very old computer is like a breath of fresh air.