Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wedding

The wedding was in the woods.

The bride was barefoot. The groom wore blue jeans. (So did practically everyone else.)

Each place at the picnic table had a real horse shoe decorated with flowers and tulle bags of candy. We toasted hotdogs. There were sloppy joes and salads and beans, all manner of casual outdoor dining.

The wedding cake was cute.

The flower girl abdicated her flower girl duties, but looked darling, patiently squatting and placing an orange salamander on her head over and over. There were buggy rides. I got to hold babies, even the newest Abby Joy. There were swings and visiting. It was nice, this wedding in the woods. I hope they enjoy the raspberry bushes we bought them as a wedding present. I hope that they stay as happy as they looked this day.


Bush Babe said...

Happy wedding, Deb's mysterious family members!!!
Sounds lovely

WhiteStone said...

Sweet! And congrats to the new couple! God bless 'em.

Kelly said...

What a fun celebration!! Considering I normally hate going to weddings, this is one I would have enjoyed.

Pam said...

totally fun and wonderful!!! I love this idea! I had to laugh at the cake topper. That was great!!!

I agree with the congrats to the new couple!

Lesley said...

Congrats to the Happy Couple. I definitely love the horseshoe decorations. That is the kind of wedding that would be perfect for me. With lots of purple thrown in there too tho!! hahaha.

PaintedPromise said...

love the horseshoe decorations!! i wanted to ride my horse up the aisle but Randy wouldn't let me (maybe it was because that was the crazy horse?) - hhmmmm, maybe if we renew our vows...

ideas... ideas... ;)