Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture, Popsicles, Pedometers, and Poseys

This is one of my favorite trees. It's a weeping willow, and the thing is huge. It would probably take at least 4 or 5 people holding hands to span the trunk. I cannot imagine how old this thing is. The bark is fascinating. I took a picture today, because as I was wreaking havoc on the local mosquito population, the owner mentioned that they were going to cut the tree down. It's so old and rotten that it is 'an disaster waiting to happen'. This is not my favorite tree, but I drove past that, and never thought to take a picture.

I've got some Amish kids enlisted in the war on mosquitoes. It will be an ongoing educational project, but a very good opportunity to work with a part of the county's population that I had previously not reached. When their mothers were giving them permission to go on a walk with me, the discussion took place in machine gun rapid German. We set out to look for larva. I explained what they would be looking for. The kids were so quiet that I began to wonder how well they spoke English. "You know," I said, "If you're working for me, it only seems fair that we work some sort of a payment out. Perhaps we could barter. Do you all like popsicles?" Eyebrows went up and they looked back and forth at each other grinning. Yeah. Their English? As good as their German, I think. I'm not sure where the idea came for popsicles and ice cream bars, etc., but it was pretty darn good. I realized later, since they don't have electric (no freezers), things like popsicles and ice cream treats are probably not a common occurance. So I've got my own little squad of 'skeeter beaters'. They will locate larva, I will treat.

I walked and walked today, miles and miles. I found some wonderful white flowers (haven't looked them up yet, so can't tell you what they are). I wanted them for 'Wild Blue Yonder'. Unfortunately this flower (which looks like baby's breath, and grows in clumps) is, as I said, white. Last night, as I was not sleeping, I kept thinking of those flowers. They were so gorgeous. Suddenly it came to me: Wild Blue Yonder is going to have clouds! And, yes, Red Lefty and Susan, I will take pictures. There is nothing really to take a picture of yet. You can plant a garden, but you have to wait patiently for God to do his part.

That's it really. It was a great day. I walked and walked with unearthly quiet children, as one of the Amish raked hay with a work horse. There is nothing more wonderful then the smell of new mown hay. My new pedometer shows that I walked nearly 6 miles today. It would have been interesting to see what the number would have been had I remembered to put in on first thing in the morning. I had tossed it in my back pack and forgotten it.

The withdrawal stuff has eased back a great deal during the day. Or else I don't notice the lessening symptoms because I'm busy. I still am not sleeping at night though. I notice that as the week goes on, the withdrawal seems to be exacerbated by the exhaustion.

Oh, and Mac? Welcome. The remote for the computer is because you can also watch TV on it.


steviewren said...

Wonder if all the walking is helping to rid your body of the toxins faster? I hope so. Maybe sleep will return soon.

Did I miss something? What is the Wild Blue Yonder?

mac said...

It's refreshing.

The Amish kids haven't been jaded by us. I wonder if my kids would have been that happy to get Popsicles and Icecream.

Thanks for being so social :-)

Bush Babe said...

Gosh... I doubt I could walk six miles in a whole day!!! And live to blog about it... sounds great. Also love weeping willows... confused if that pic is of the one you are referring to, or another??

Watch TV on your computer? Really... I don't even have sound on mine!!!

Kelly said...

Wow! Is that a weeping willow in your picture?? I didn't know that got that big!

Anonymous said...

What a spectacular tree.

Alli said...

When I was a girl my grandfather planted a weeping willow in the home I was growing up in. A few years ago I drove past and there was this beautiful magnificent tree... They are one of my favorite trees.....

I empathize on the not sleeping.. when I do I have strange dreams... Chemo does that I guess.. lol

Alli xx

jeanie said...

he he - my problem isn't getting to sleep, its waking up and not getting BACK to sleep.

I too am confused - is this the tree that is to be demolished, or your favourite tree, or are they the same and this just a replica? It is early here. I am easily confused (just so you don't think its genetic).

Congrats on the new 'puter - can you watch TV on it? Apparently digital TV receivers are easily installable these days, and it could do double duty.

quid said...

This tree is totally beautiful, Deb.