Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today was a gray and windy day. There were large storms all around us, although we got scarcely any rain. Still, the thunder fretted in the distance. The great masses of gray billowing clouds moving in varying thicknesses across the sun made the world dark, and then bright, and then strangely, a combination of both light and dark.

Since beginning my 'Wild Blue Yonder', I've developed an eye for wildflowers. I see them in a way that I never saw them before. Surely they were never so bright as they are this year? I certainly could not have missed that.

The killdeer eggs have hatched, and mama has absconded to the fields with them. I never even got to see them, let alone take a picture.

I ate my lunch in an old cemetary today, reading epitaphs, trying to imagine what it was like to live, and to die before the Civil War. What was it like to lose three of your children before they were grown? I walked around imagining stories to go with the tombstones.

I drove past a farm today and saw a group of wild turkey scratching the ground side by side with the chickens. It made me laugh out loud.

When I stopped by to speak with the Amish, I was glad to see the children come running, a bunch of them, bare feet flying as hands held their hats on their heads. Not just the ones I'd been dealing with, but the whole neighborhood. We talked about mosquitoes, and I gave them ice cream and ice cold orange sodas.

It was a day of mental snapshots, each image captured in my mind's eye, soul satisfying, perfectly centered, focused, clear and rich in details.

I'm the luckiest person that I know.


Roxanne said...

I felt as though I was right there with you Debby. Making memories, living each day to the fullest. Cancer cannot rob us of that! HA! Blessings :)

Bush Babe said...

Sometimes Deb... I swear we are twins separated at birth. Cemeteries are THE most interesting of places... so many, many stories. Except of course, I would take real snapshots. Of course, my ability to translate mental snapshots into language is a bit less able than yours...

GReat day.

Lydia said...

Bummer about the killdeere babies! I love watching those little things - they have to be about the cutest little birds on earth. We had them when I was on the farm, and I just could do nothing but laugh when I saw them.

Glad you had a lovely day. It is good to appreciate what we have where we are.

Daria said...

You are amazing with those Amish kids ...

Anonymous said...

I love what you said, just love it. I adore cemetaries and often spend hours there reading and wondering.

Debby said...

BB - Well, I'll be stopping by that particular cemetary again. I saw a tombstone that caught my fancy, given my recent fascination with cattails. I envy people like you and Stevie Wren who seem to have a camera in their hands no matter what. I'm getting better about the camera thing, but the new computer has a 'card reader' and I did not remember to pull the card from the computer. Of course, then, there is always the battery issue. (We need to buy new rechargeables.) For some of us, mental snapshots are the best way to go. Saves a lot of gnashing of teeth.

I'm still looking for the killdeer babies, Lydia. They are cute.

Actually, I think that cancer has sort of added to my quality of life. I feel as if I notice more, and appreciate more, and love more, and... Is that not strange? That God can take something as awful as cancer and turn it into a blessing?

Anyways, I do love where I am, and what I am doing and the world that I am in.

WhiteStone said...

Deb, I've often forgotten the card in the puter. However, check your camera. Mine must have some internal memory for it will take about 8 photos without the card. Of course you have to use a USB cord to transfer to the computer, but at least they are there.
You are right...cancer causes a heightened awareness of the goodness of each moment. It's been a blessing to me.

Kelly said...

You do have a talent for describing your mental pictures so that we can visualize them, too. I enjoyed these!

btw....I've always been fascinated by cemeteries, too. Semi-related, have you seen the music video for the song "Grave Digger" by Dave Matthews?

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, I found today's post to be an engaging and atmospheric sojourn into your internal mind and your external durroundings and happenings. Great imagery.Well done. DavidM